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  • IP-based CCTV systems are becoming an absolute requirement for metro operations. Effective video surveillance protects passenger safety and makes metro operations more efficient, which has led to increased investment in onboard IP CCTV systems. These systems have expanded in scope and reach, and cameras and NVR computing platforms are now being deployed in more and more locations throughout the train. These new video surveillance applications have introduced important new IP video requirements: as IP cameras and computers are deployed in more and more locations onboard a train, there is a corresponding increase in the performance, reliability, and design requirements for those IP cameras and computers.

    • More cameras with different form factors and easy installation for different locations on the trains
    • Crystal-clear image quality in a wide dynamic range of dark and light environments
    • High performance video streams for smooth video surveillance
    • Vibration, humidity, and dust resistant devices for harsh onboard environments
  • Front/Rear-facing Camera
    VPort P16-1MP-M12
    • Clear & Color image in day & night
    • Good image performance in fast light change
    • High-speed imaging
    Intercom Camera
    VPort P06HC-1MP-M12
    • Video/audio record
    • Interoperation with intercom
    • Flush mountable
    Driver Car Camera and Computer
    VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR
    • Built-in IR for low lux environment
    • Color image for identifying the panel
      LED indicator
    TC-6110 Series Train Computer
    • Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz
    • High-performance platform with
      4 IP camera channels at full D1 live
      view video
    • Compact 3U rackmount housing
    V2616A Series NVR Computer
    • Intel Core i5/i7 CPU
    • 2 hot-swappable and 1 internal
      2.5” HDD/SSD slots for inserting
      additional storage media
    • Supports RAID 1/0 functions for
      data reliability
    Consist Camera and Computer
    VPort P06-1MP-M12 IP Camera
    • Clear daylight image
    • Compact size
    • Audio or microphone input
    2416A Series Train Computers
    • Intel Celeron/Core i7 CPU
    • 2 hot-swappable 2.5” HDD/SSD slots for
      inserting additional storage media
    • User-defined programmable LEDs and
      API for storage management
    RNAS-1200 Series Network-Attached Storage
    • Marvell 1.0 GHz processor
    • Dual Gigabit PoE+ LAN Ports
    • JBOD, BIG, RAID 0, and RAID 1 functions
  • Easier Maintenance via Industrial Auto Configuration Technology

    For railway service to stay on schedule, the onboard systems must maintain high availability and minimize the amount of time spent on maintenance—a tall order in dynamic, complex network environments. Moxa's FLI (Flexible, Location-based, Intelligent) technology improves system availability by making maintenance and replacement of network devices faster and more consistent. Moxa's railway devices can automatically determine their own device and network settings based on where they are attached to the network, so device maintenance and replacement is quick and error-free, even with maintenance staff unfamiliar with IP network technology.

  • Life Cycle & Obsolescence Management

    Products used in transportation applications must have long lifecycles so that consistency can be maintained in transportation systems. This is why Moxa emphasizes high MTBF in product design and offers a long-term delivery contract. Operators can rest assured knowing their products will be available for years to come.

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