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  • IEC 61850 Substations Common Integration Challenges


    Substation system engineers may have less communication domain knowhow or limited time to bridge devices for system integration.

    Major Concerns

    Challenge 1: An incorrect configuration due to unfamiliarity with protocols can cause communication failures.
    Challenge 2: Effortlessly read existing serial device data from a new server or application.
    Challenge 3: Would like a user-friendly platform to develop my own unique application.

    Retrofit Substations Integration Solution

    User-Friendly Windows Utility and Web Console for Protocol Gateways

    More often than not, substation engineers do not have enough communication domain knowhow, or only limited time for system integration. Engineers who are not familiar with the different protocols used by substation equipment could configure their system incorrectly and cause communication failures. For these reasons, it makes a lot of sense to simplify and streamline the configuration process. Moxa’s Windows utility and web console for protocol gateways can be configured by a user-friendly web console that walks you through the entire setup process. All you need is a computer with an Ethernet port and web browser, and then complete 4 simple steps presented with straightforward diagrams for easy configuration.

    Easy configuration with Moxa’s Windows utility and web console for protocol gateways

    Real COM Driver Helps Legacy Serial Devices Get IP-Enabled

    How can you effortlessly read data from existing serial devices from a new server or application? Moxa’s Real COM mode is designed for users who do not have the budget or resources to recode their legacy application software. The NPort driver does this for you by creating a virtual COM port on the host computer; the COM port maps to a network IP port, which “acts like” a serial port. Your application software won’t know the difference, and will keep crunching away as though it were connected directly to the serial device, even though the data is actually being sent over the network. We provide drivers for more than 20 different OSs, and continuously develop drivers for new OSs and OS versions to provide the best system interoperability and flexibility.

    Open Platform for Unique Application Development

    Substation engineers who are not expert programmers but still want to develop their own unique application can benefit from an easy-to-use open development platform. The programming environment provided by Moxa’s embedded computers is an open platform similar to Linux, and it is much easier to use than cross-compiling from a desktop computer.

    Moxa embedded computer
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