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Moxa's Green Core

Green Core
Our Green Core

Moxa’s “Green Core” product identity incorporates a special shade of green to deliver a unified brand presence across all Moxa product lines. As a design concept, Green Core focuses on simplicity, robustness, and user-centric experience, which together bring Moxa’s brand promise of “Reliable Networks, Sincere Service” to life. The roll-out of the “Green Core” design is an important part of Moxa’s brand identity refinement to build a stronger connection with customers.

Simplicity Sleek and elegant design, intuitive, and easy to use; redundant functionality is minimal; user interface optimized to provide only the functions you need and nothing more.
Robustness Product components and overall quality strictly controlled and continually enhanced; robustness is designed in and well managed; state of the art production guarantees an industrial-grade, robust design.
User-Centric Experience Customer-centric innovation that exceeds customers’ expectations.

The Green Core Essence

For Moxa, green is more than just a color. Not only is green associated with environmental awareness, it also symbolizes a sincere attitude towards human beings and the community as a whole. We emphasize “mutual respect” and “sincerity” internally in our daily work, and insist on that same mutual respect and sincerity when serving customers and partners. We consider the customer’s needs and customer satisfaction in everything we do, and it’s this customer-centric attitude that has earned us the reputation as industry’s trusted partner in automation.