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Central Control of Passenger Information Display System on Railcars
Product Solutions:
NPort 5150AI-M12/NPort 5250AI-M12/NPort 5450AI-M12 Series

Railway 1, 2, and 4-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers


The biggest metro company in Taipei requires a PIDS (Passenger Information Display System) to enable central control of LED displays from the PIDS controller. The LED displays are serial-based and will be connected via a RS-485 network with linear multi-drop configuration. Conventional RJ45 connectors are not suitable for railcar applications where intense shock and vibration are frequent. EN 50155 rail certification will also be required for rolling stock PIDS application.

System Requirements
l   EN 50155 certification for reliable operation in railcars
l   Secure/robust installation to withstand shock and vibration
l   RS-485 serial connections to save wiring and cable costs

Moxa Solution

Existing serial-based LED displays will be integrated into the PIDS through Moxa’s NPort 5150AI-M12, which includes rugged M12 connectors for serial port and power input to prevent unintended disconnections caused by shock and vibration, offers dust and moisture protection, and meets strict EN 50155 and EN 50121-4 standards for rolling-stock applications. The NPort 5150AI-M12 is also available with wide-temperature operation (-25 to 70°C) for reliable outdoor performance.


Why Moxa

l   EN 50155 certification standard for -25 to 70°C operating temperature
l   M12 connectors safely secure Ethernet port and power input connections
l   Conformal coating protection to extend useful life
l   Easy 3-steps web-based configuration
l   MXview enabled for remote management