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Embedded Computers and Flexible Modules Help Construct an Onboard Train Passenger System

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

Taiwan Railways Administration is planning a railway route that connects the Taiwan High Speed Railway Tainan Station and Taiwan Railway Tainan Station. An onboard passenger information system will be implemented on the trains to provide passengers with real-time information

System Requirements

• Three independent display outputs for each unit
• Multiple serial ports for various device connections
• Wireless module for real-time data acquisition
• Reliable platform with EN 50155 certification and strong anti-vibration/shock feature

Moxa Solution

The combination of Moxa's V2426 computer, EPM-3032 serial port module, and EPM-3552 display module provides 6 serial ports and 3 independent display connections, fully satisfying the customer's requirements for the onboard passenger information system.

The 6 serial port connections can be used to connect various devices, such as an ATP, TCMS, radio, and touch panel, and the display connection allows users to connect up to 3 VGA or 3 DVI display monitors. Moreover, Moxa also offers a 3.5G wireless module, the EPM-3337, that can work well with the expansion module that the V2426 computer offers. This combination of products is used to get real-time information from the remote control center to offer passengers up-to-date train information.

Most importantly, the V2426 computers are EN 50155 and IEC 61373 certified, guaranteeing that the computer and the hard disks will work reliably on moving vehicles.


Why Moxa

  • Multiple serial ports and display connectors for connecting various devices and displays
  • Expansion slots provide the flexibility of adding additional devices, such as a 3.5G wireless module
  • EN 50155 and IEC 61373 certification ensures that Moxa’s products will work reliably when used on moving vehicles



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