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Building a Subsea Oil & Gas Control Application with Industry-Specific Cables

Location / Country : Australia

Product Solutions:
IEX-402-SHDSL Series

Managed SHDSL Ethernet extenders

Project Introduction

For subsea control applications, great efforts are made to install industry-specific cables under the sea. In this project, the number one requirement is to leverage the existing infrastructure to reduce costs and time spent on installing cables. In addition, oil & gas environments are extremely hazardous due to the high pressures the products are subjected to, so the installation has to be quick and must support remote management and diagnosis.

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System Requirements


- Utilize existing industry-specific wires under the sea to lower the risk of damaging cables

- Easy installation, diagnosis, and management

- Reliable operation in harsh environments

Moxa Solution


Why Moxa

- The IEX-402 allows users to extend Ethernet over existing industry-specific cables

- Easy installation with auto CO/CPE negotiation

- -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range and rugged design for harsh environments