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Moxa's Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework for Transportation Solutions
Product Solutions:
Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework

Get Faster Time-to-Market with Our Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework

V2400 Series Expansion Modules

Expansion peripheral modules (EPM) for the V2400 series


The era of smart cities is coming. Wireless information technology is already transforming not only railway, but also eBuses and passenger vehicles, as well. Transport operators have turned their focus from simple logistics and maintenance to now focus on providing more and better passenger services, to improve the customer’s experience in every conceivable aspect.

System Requirements

• Vehicular Wi-Fi for passenger entertainment and advertisements
• Vehicle telemetry and diagnostics to help transport operators monitor and maintain vehicle performance and safety
• Passenger Information Systems (PIS)
• Fleet logistics and passenger management

Moxa Solution

The V2422 wireless mobile computer is designed to be used with MIRF, our Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework. MIRF turns the configuration of Moxa’s vehicular routing computers into a simple point-and-click exercise that takes only moments to complete. For this application, a V2422 mobile computer was used as the base system, and modified with the EPM-3337 and EPM-DK02 expansion modules. Finally, the system used the MIRF configuration system to quickly turn this mobile computer into an intelligent wireless supplicant capable of maintaining good Wi-Fi and cellular signal quality while serving passengers Wi-Fi and cellular connections and delivering telemetry and logistical updates to fleet managers.

The Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework is a key component in this solution. MIRF helps system integrators add customized value while speeding up the time it takes to deliver that product to market. Moxa’s MIRF is a full-stack software framework that can:
• Provide WLAN access points for passenger entertainment and connectivity
• Configure intelligent policy settings for WAN auto-selection on both 3G cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks, building reliability through system redundancies
• Provide Passenger Information Systems (PIS) to display destination info, estimated arrival times, and passenger announcements
• Transmit diagnostics for on-board lighting and fire suppression systems

Why Moxa

V2422 x86-based Mobile Computer
• 2 expansion slots for system modules that include WiFi, HSDPA, GPS, Mini PCIe adaptors, and additional DI/DO, serial, or video expansion
• Ships with multiple interfaces for device connectivity: VGA, DVI-I, 2 Gigabit LAN ports, 4 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 6 USB 2.0 ports, CF, and 2 peripheral expansion slots for further options
• eMark certified for transport applications
EMP-3337 expansion module gives wireless connectivity for HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS, GPS, and WLAN (802.11n) networks
EMP-DK02 expansion module provides 2 mini PCIe expansion slots

Moxa’s Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework
• Friendly web-based user interface
• Effortless set up: built-in Wizard breaks configuration routines into a simple 3 step process
• Ease of use shortens lead times: based on an MVC architectural framework, MIRF is an open and customizable visual application that simplifies integration tasks
• 3-in-1 solution saves money: Moxa’s MIRF computers are modular devices with a 3-in-1 design that combines a wireless router, a computer, and a powerful development framework all into a single machine. If you are looking a computer that does routing (or a router that does computing), then a single MIRF computer is the answer you’ve been searching for.