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Power and Environmental Monitoring in Facility Management and Control System
Product Solutions:

x86 2U 19-inch high density 14 gigabit Ethernet rackmount computers with 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 CPU


Smart manufacturing requires complete transparency of data to enable end-to-end digitization of the production and supply chain. Many factory owners are integrating their facilities management systems with the smart factory system to achieve higher controllability and faster response times, and to maximize overall equipment effectiveness. This means a sharp rise in the number of end devices that need to be connected. Industrial computing solutions specially designed for the data acquisition needs of smart factories are bridging the gap between the IT and OT worlds by providing high-performance, reliable, easy-to-use solutions.

Environmental control and monitoring systems, such as UPS, HVAC, access control, lighting control, and fire alarm systems, are critical elements of a facility management and control system (FMCS). When monitoring and analyzing the large amount of diverse data from these systems, it is essential to select a reliable, high-performance computing platform that is optimized for data-acquisition and protocolconversions.

System Requirements

Data acquisition and computing solutions used in FMCS must provide high system stability and longevity. Remote control functionality to monitor and control IIoT devices, especially ones installed at unmanned sites, is a must. In addition, the system should be able to provide seamless performance in the high-noise environment of an industrial facility.

• A critical application that requires high system stability and longevity
• Remote monitoring capability to monitor unmanned sites
• Ability to operate in high-noise environments


Moxa Solution

The DA-720 series computers are high-performance industrial-grade x86 platforms built for the heavy data processing needs of the IIoT. These computers are built around an lntel 6th Gen Skylake processor clocked at up to 2.6 GHz and come in an 19-inch 2U rack-mountable case. DA-720 series rugged computers are designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial environments. They have passed rigorous tests for adherence to safety standards, including continuous exposure to high voltage, power surges, and shock.To ensure maximum uptime, the DA-720 series computer supports Moxa’s Proactive Monitoring utility, which provides real-time information about the status of the computer hardware and triggers alerts based on user-defined criteria for predictive maintenance.The Smart Recovery utility allows engineers to automatically trigger OS recovery at remote locations to minimize system downtime. 

Why Moxa

• Fanless rugged design for longevity
• Industrial-grade network solution with level 4 EMC protection
• Proactive Monitoring and Smart Recovery to minimize downtime

To learn more about the DA-720 computing platform, download the product brochure.