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Moxa's Cellular RTU for Ramp Signaling Control System

Location / Country : Switzerland

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

The A2 motorway in the Lucerne area between Reussegg and Grosshof is undergoing complete reconstruction, and is expected to be completed in 2013. A high priority has been placed on ensuring that the roads and tunnels meet today's technology standards, with particular emphasis on noise protection, environmental protection, and traffic control and monitoring. Two essential requirements are the ability to monitor traffic speed and control traffic lights remotely, and wireless technology will be used to reduce wiring costs and simplify implementation.

System Requirements

-Must support cellular communications
-Serial interface to connect speed radar detector
-Digital output for traffic light control
-Must be able to work with either private or dynamic IPs
-Easy to integrate into WinCC SCADA

Moxa Solution

System Diagram

Moxa’s W5000 series GPRS RTU is specially designed for remote monitoring and control systems, and can be used with the ioLogik W5000 series to provide an assortment of I/O channels and one serial interface. With this one device, the user can channel all of their data into their SCADA software. In addition, Moxa’s Active OPC server, which can be downloaded for free from Moxa’s website, solves the private IP issue for cellular networks, allowing users to get the full benefit of cellular technology without needing to worry about communication between the SCADA software and devices.

Reliability is one of the most important factors for remote monitoring applications, and with Moxa’s W5000 series products, users can rest assured that their communication monitoring technology will be secure, even when transmitted via a wireless signal. The ioLogik W5312 comes with a solid 5-year warranty to reduce maintenance worries.

Why Moxa

-Bridge GPRS RTU and WinCC via free Moxa Active OPC Server
-Active push technology reduces GPRS traffic
-Set up your control logic quickly and easily with Moxa’s own Click&Go logic