Many options and factors need to be considered when you are looking for a solution to connect industrial operations to the cloud. Selecting the right Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge gateway will allow you to collect, connect, and analyze your field data in a quick, safe, and secure way. In this article, we discuss the benefits of IIoT edge gateways and how to choose the most suitable IIoT edge gateway for your IIoT application.


Why IIoT Applications Require IIoT Edge Gateways

Choosing the Right IIoT Edge Gateway

IIoT edge gateways offer a number of benefits for IIoT applications. Although IIoT environments vary in scope and complexity, selecting IIoT edge gateways with the following abilities can help ensure the success of any application.

For additional details, download this FAQ to learn more what needs to be considered throughout the IIoT project life cycle, from deployment to operation to maintenance.

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