IIoT Applications Made Easy

Rapid globalization and information digitalization have led industrial operators to adopt IIoT applications that enhance operational efficiency and maximize revenue. Moxa provides secure and reliable IIoT solutions that let customers rapidly develop and deploy applications in the field. Our robust and cloud-ready IIoT gateways, along with value-added and long life-cycle software, are a perfect fit for this market.

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Why Moxa

In the Industrial IoT world, a key challenge for many system integrators and engineers is finding a secure and reliable IIoT gateway that has prompt access to security patches and bug fixes. With Moxa’s commitment to security and technical support for the entire product lifecycle and long-term support policies for Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) and ThingsPro Edge software, end users can devise an effective plan for software utilization, development, testing, upgrade, and migration.


Intelligent IIoT gateway solutions are designed to make devices smarter for achieving robust and secure data transfer from operational technology (OT) devices to IT-based cloud services. Moxa’s ThingsPro Edge software is a platform designed to work with Moxa’s Industrial IoT gateways to simplify the development of data-acquisition solutions from OT devices to Azure or AWS cloud services. In addition, Moxa’s Industrial IoT gateways, designed for various harsh environments and mission-critical applications, are now certified and ready to be integrated with Azure and AWS, helping users speed up IIoT development and simplify operation and maintenance. Refer to the IIoT Selection Guide for choosing the eligible models of ThingsPro Edge.


Mission-critical applications require an IIoT gateway that is both reliable and robust. Moxa’s IIoT gateway is designed for distributed, automated, and harsh environment applications, including solar power, smart grids, oil tanks, water tanks, oil and water pipelines, and railway tracksides. The gateways are designed for industrial vertical markets that require products with specific industrial certifications, such as the CID2 or ATEX standards.


Choose an IIoT Edge Gateway That Meets Your Needs

Moxa’s cloud-ready IIoT edge gateway family includes industrial computers that are optimized for edge computing applications. Azure IoT Edge and rapid development with ThingsPro software are great tools for the rail, power, marine, and oil & gas sectors. Designed for remote monitoring and telemetry applications in the field, these compact IIoT edge gateways are equipped with x86 or Arm-based processors that provide reliable wireless connectivity in extreme-temperature environments.

How to Use Moxa Products in Your IIoT Applications

  • How to Keep Moxa IIoT Gateways Up-to-date Against Vulnerabilities
  • Enabling Configurable Data Transmission With Moxa IIoT Gateways
  • How to Configure Gateways in ThingsPro Edge Using Azure Device Twins

Moxa IIoT gateways are designed for long-term operation. The gateways come with a rich variety of Moxa proprietary utilities, libraries, and tools to accelerate your IIoT application development. Gateway models that use the Moxa Industrial Linux (Debian 9 based) operating system have a 10-year software life-cycle, which offers five more years of fixes for both bugs and security vulnerabilities than the standard Debian OS.

With IIoT applications all the rage, the gateways that sit between the “things” and the Internet have become extremely important. A gateway acquires data from sensors and actuators in the field, and then transfers the data to the cloud, enabling smooth data flow from field to cloud. To ensure the stability of the data flow, all aspects of the system, including data acquisition, message payloads, and publishing messages at requested intervals for cloud applications, must be properly configured. ThingsPro Edge software is an application that runs on Moxa’s IIoT gateways to help you transform your edge computer into a secure and reliable IIoT gateway best suited for your business needs.

Azure IoT Hub provides the device twin, a digital replica of your device. The device twin has the same characteristics as the physical device and presents device metadata along with the last reported state, including the device status and configuration. ThingsPro Edge integrates Azure’s device-twin design to facilitate better communication and device management, enabling applications to easily interact with their digital counterpart on the Azure IoT Hub. Device twins can be used to monitor device processes, such as monitoring firmware updates.