Built to Perform in the IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way businesses are doing business. One of the major benefits of the IIoT is automation, which results in more products, but with less labor. Since devices will be located at unmanned or remote sites where maintenance is extremely difficult and expensive, selecting stable and durable devices and being able to monitor the devices' status are crucial for IIoT implementation. Moxa has developed rugged industrial computers, along with a Proactive Monitoring tool, to reduce the costs of remote system maintenance and maximize your system uptime.

Maximize Your Uptime with Proactive Monitoring

In an IIoT architecture, the computing systems at the edge of the network are often located at unmanned or remote sites. Moxa has developed the Proactive Monitoring software tool to help businesses monitor their computer system's status in order to perform preventive maintenance measures, thus maximizing your system's uptime.

Proactive Monitoring provides a dashboard to keep an eye on CPU usage, memory usage, storage partition usage, the operating temperature of the CPU and motherboard, and the redundant power monitor. It can trigger relay outputs to provide either visual or audio alarms. What’s more, you can configure the tool to trigger these alarms based on user-defined criteria.

Remote Monitoring in a Few Clicks

Proactive Monitoring provides an utility for setting up the key parts you’d like to monitor, when to alert, and how to get the alert.

Ready-to-Use Tool

Proactive Monitoring supports Windows and Linux operating systems, making it a ready-to-use tool for every type of business.

Easy Customization with APIs

For system integrators or users who already have their own dashboards, Proactive Monitoring also provides APIs for easy integration.

Withstand Harsh Environments with System Engineering

Robust System Engineering

Every Moxa x86 industrial computer is the product of a solid system engineering process. Unlike the cost-centric modular assembly process, which simply follows a reference design and puts the modules in a box, Moxa conducts the system engineering process with a multidisciplinary approach, including electronic engineering, thermal engineering, mechanical engineering, software, and testing, which focuses on building a reliable, rugged industrial computer in a systematic way. The result is an optimized computing platform for industrial applications.

Extend Computing to the Extreme

Withstanding a wide range of temperatures presents many challenges for industrial computers. Adding a 4G LTE feature pushes the challenges to the next level. Moxa not only selects wireless components that can offer continuous high performance but also designs the computing system with optimized heat dissipation placement. Thus, we produce a stable and reliable computing system that meets the rugged requirements of all environments, from the extremely hot to the extremely cold, and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

Industry-Proven Reliability

Moxa provides industry professionals with industrial-grade computers that use leading technologies and reliable designs. Moxa’s computing solutions follow critical industrial standards to ensure compliance with international standards and pass strict tests, including continuous exposure to dry heat, cold/hot temperatures, humidity, high voltage, vibration, power surges, and shock. These rigorous safety standards ensure long-lasting, reliable operations in harsh environments, perfect for applications in heavy industry, power and utilities, oil and gas, or maritime.*

*Certifications applicable on selected models.