Hybrid PRP/HSR for Flexible Integration

The PT-7728-PTP is the world’s first modular rackmount switch that integrates multiple redundancy protocols on one device. The multi-protocol interoperability, including PRP/HSR, RSTP Grouping, RSTP, or Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain, facilitates flexible network deployment and integration.

Integrating Devices on the Device Level

  • Integrate multiple SANs into PRP/HSR networks
  • Three connection modes:
    • PRP
    • HSR
    • Coupling

Integrating Legacy RSTP Architectures

Moxa PRP/HSR switches can connect RSTP rings to HSR rings via dual homing with two separate nodes.



Scalable IED Integration

  • A network combination of Redboxes, PRP/HSR switches, and embedded modules enables scalable HSR rings
  • Enable HSR extensions with an adjustable risk-benefit ratio
  • Embedding an EOM-G103 into a SAN node can turn the SAN into a PRP/HSR DAN

Multiple PRP Networks Connected to One HSR Ring

  • Complete the vertical integration of field devices to the control room
  • PRP networks connect protection relays to field devices, such as a GPS masterclock.

Multiple HSR Rings Connected to One PRP Network

Add more HSR rings via PRP