Innovative Remote Management, Industrial-Grade Reliability, Flexible Modular Design

For large-scope networks that require centralized management and data transmissions over much longer distances and multiple sites, high port-density media converters provide the best solutions. With its modular design, Moxa’s TRC-2190 series provides 18 slots for Ethernet-to-fiber management slide-in modules and may be used as stand-alone devices at field sites. An enhanced management function that supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows users to remotely monitor end devices. Furthermore, the TRC-2190 series’ fanless design delivers a highly reliable product and reduces maintenance costs and effort.

Key Benefits

Fanless Design for Extreme Reliability and Eliminating Hidden Costs

With its fanless design, Moxa’s high port-density media converter is not only more stable and reliable, but it is also more cost-effective compared to those designs that require constant replacement of their cooling fan for heat dissipation.

Management Solution for Easier Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Supporting SNMP V1/V2c/V3, Moxa’s transparent management media converter not only enables the proactive and remote management of a network’s link and power status, but it also sends alarm notifications to network managers in case of abnormal events, such as power breakdowns or link loss. The improved remote management facilitates easy troubleshooting, putting less strain on work effort and reducing downtime.

WDM Fiber Support to Reduce Cable Costs

Users, particularly those in the early stages of planning their network infrastructure, can reap the benefits of dramatically reduced optical-fiber cabling costs with Moxa’s rackmount media converter that supports wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM).

Easy Configuration to Reduce Setup Time and Effort

For easy configuration, Moxa’s solution is designed with an advanced grouping function that allows users to group slide-in modules with the same settings to cut down on installation time and effort.


Passenger Information System

Passenger information system (PIS) rely on large volumes of data collected from various points across a network to update passengers with up-to-the minute information. This data needs to be aggregated and managed in real time in the control room. Find out how Moxa’s new industrial media converter can help you centrally manage data and remotely manage devices in the field.

Advanced Traffic Management System

In order to reduce or at least contain traffic congestion in urban environments, traffic authorities count on the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to control traffic flow. Advanced communication technologies ensure that the data that updates the status of traffic on various highways, intersections, bridges, and more, reaches the control room in real time. Learn more about how Moxa’s new media converter can help you centrally manage these large volumes of incoming data and remotely manage devices in the field.

TRC-2190 Series

Rackmount Chassis for the NRack System™

  • 19-inch chassis for rackmount use
  • 18 slots for high port-density applications
  • Supports dual power input with redundancy
  • Fanless chassis design reduces servicing costs
  • SNMP/web console for easy management
  • -20 to 55°C operating temperature range