Your Ticket to Error-Free Wi-Fi Network Deployment

Creating a Wi-Fi network can be a difficult, complex, and laborious task. Software can help with this task, and wise selection of Wi-Fi network planning tools can be a great help. However, this task could be simplified further through easy to use software that could reduce the time spent configuring Wi-Fi settings and also prevent errors caused through manual input. Enter Moxa's AeroMag technology: your fast pass to configuring the Wi-Fi settings for all your devices easily, and for creating a stable, reliable Wi-Fi network. AeroMag technology can configure all your devices with a single step, find the best Wi-Fi channels to use for your environment with just a click, and eliminate the need for additional configuration when adding new Wi-Fi devices to your network.

Breeze Through the Wi-Fi Network Lifecycle Like a Pro

  • One-Step Setup

    for Multiple Wi-Fi Devices

  • One-Click Optimization

    of Wi-Fi Channels

  • Zero Configuration

    to Add New Wi-Fi Devices into Existing Networks

  • Fast and Easy Wi-Fi Network Deployment and Maintenance

  • Moxa's Wi-Fi solutions include AeroMag, a unique technology that saves you significant time and effort spent on basic device configuration when deploying and maintaining a network, and without compromising on network security. Download the application note to learn how AeroMag technology can help you fast track your Wi-Fi network lifecycle management tasks in a Wi-Fi enabled factory.