Always on the Move

A smart factory allows system administrators to operate and maintain factory devices and monitor operations without visiting field sites. Implementing such an operation requires a reliable and smart network infrastructure to transmit data back and forth between the control center and devices in real time, and to ensure that automated systems run seamlessly via both wired and wireless networks. For example, an automated material handling (AMH) system in a warehouse uses conveyor belts and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that are constantly on the move. A smart network infrastructure can help ensure that automated mobility is reliable and equipment can withstand constant vibration, making Industry 4.0 a reality.

Seamless Video Streaming over Wireless Networks in Cold-Storage Warehouses

A manufacturer in Italy has many years of experience providing innovative storage and retrieval systems to help customers enhance logistics efficiency. The manufacturer recently upgraded the surveillance systems on their forklifts to provide real-time on-site monitoring capabilities. In this project, Moxa’s AWK-3131A 802.11n wireless AP/client products were deployed to transmit video images from IP cameras. The AWK-3131A supports client-router mode, which saves additional space on the forklifts by eliminating the need for an extra switch.

System Requirements

  • Simple installation
  • Interoperability with existing APs
  • High-bandwidth wireless network to transmit live video recording from cameras deployed on forklifts to a control center

Why Moxa

  • Client-router mode in devices to simplify network deployment
  • Supports interoperability with third party APs
  • 300 Mbps data rate for video-streaming applications
  • 150 ms client handoffs with Turbo Roaming technology