Inter-carriage Connection Challenges

As intelligent trains are becoming the norm, so is the need for high-speed IP-based train communication backbones. However, retrofitting older vehicles is challenging due to upgrading limitations, including space and budget concerns. Physically wiring train carriages is also complicated and often not recommended. In addition, trains need to be reconfigured on the go to add or remove train cars during peak and low periods. Constantly coupling and decoupling rail cars may increase maintenance efforts during dynamic train compositions. With these challenges in mind, Wi-Fi presents itself as a highly efficient alternative for upgrading onboard train backbone networks, especially for refurbishment projects.

However, configuring wireless bridges between train carriages poses challenges of its own. It is crucial that wireless links are only allowed to be established between carriages directly facing each other to avoid any unwanted connections to other, nearby vehicles.

Retrofitting IP-based Train Backbones With ACC

Moxa’s Auto Carriage Connection (ACC) technology is specifically designed to automate and simplify wireless carriage coupling. With ACC, Moxa WLAN products can form an intelligent, automatic bridge connection to create a high-speed network connection across the length of the train. The auto-association mechanism enables automatic inter-carriage coupling even in dynamic operating conditions, such as during train reconfiguration, and prevents erroneous connections to networks of nearby trains. This is particularly important in areas with many carriages such as depots.

Solution Highlights

Automatic coupling and decoupling for any type of train

802.11n high-throughput coupling

Smart pairing system avoids unwanted links to neighboring trains

Compliant with all EN 50155 requirements for vibration, temperature, and EMC

Ruggedized Inter-carriage
Access Points

AWK-3131A-RCC Series


Moxa has a proven record of delivering reliable IEEE 802.11 products for railway applications. Designed to last, the AWK-3131A-RCC Series is fully compliant with all mandatory EN 50155 requirements covering shock, vibration, operating humidity and temperature, and EMC to fulfill the needs of different train networking applications. With ACC capability and unrivaled ruggedness, Moxa’s RCC Series products are the ideal option for retrofitting Ethernet train networks with wireless.