Rolling to a Smarter Future

Moxa is always striving to meet the new standards related to speed, safety, mobility, and passenger comfort for railway vehicles and systems. Recently, Moxa has successfully transitioned to the updated IRIS certification satisfying the rev 0.3 requirements and continues to lay new tracks to technological advancement through our non-stop commitment to deploying reliable networks and providing a sincere service to our customers. Moxa has been a trusted partner in the railway industry for over 30 years and our dedication to providing the very best in quality and performance shows no signs of slowing down.

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    Over 500 successful deployments by working with rail companies around the world.

  • Moxa's Rail-Certified Products

    Rail-Certified Products

    Large networking and computing portfolio that meets relevant parts of the IEC 61375, EN 50155, and EN 50121-4 standards.

  • Moxa achieves IRIS Certification Rev. 0.3

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    Moxa’s commitment to excellence allows it to meet the stringent requirements of the rail industry.

2018 Railway Application Guide

Learn more about how Moxa's integrated IP solutions have been implemented into worldwide rail systems

Onboard Ethernet

  • Overview
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Future-Proof Train Backbone

IEC 61375 is the new standard for onboard ETB (Ethernet Train Backbone) to ensure train-wide interoperability between local consist subnets, regardless of their respective network technologies and manufacturers.

Tailored to IEC 61375 standards, the TN-5916 series routers automatically assign IP addresses to onboard devices on each consist to enable highly flexible and reliable interconnection between ETB and ECN (Ethernet Consist Network).

The TN series M12 Ethernet switches provide up to 28-port Ethernet to accommodate video surveillance and more passenger services. The AWK-RCC wireless devices provide up to 300 Mbps bandwidth that can improve onboard passenger Wi-Fi for better passenger experiences.

Moxa's one-stop-shop EN 50155 Ethernet portfolio facilitates high-speed communication and easy integration of cameras, displays, WLANs, and other devices in space-limited onboard environments to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • IEC 61375 compliant ETBN routers for train-wide interoperability
  • High density Ethernet/Gigabit and PoE connectivity for ETB and ECN to integrate divergent systems
  • 802.11n wireless devices designed for carrier-to-carrier communication and onboard Wi-Fi services
Moxa Onboard Railway infrastructure

Onboard Multisystem Integration

An Eastern European country overhauled its rail infrastructure with brand-new train fleets, which were required to integrate with the latest rail technology, including digital real-time passenger information, public address systems, CCTV, and passenger Wi-Fi systems.


  • High-bandwidth communication for real-time video/audio transmission
  • Continuous system operations in an IP-based network
  • EN 50155 products for reliable operations on trains
  • Industrial-grade reliability to withstand extreme conditions
Moxa Onboard Multisystem Integration

Why Moxa

  • Gigabit provision for large volumes of data transmissions
  • Bypass relay function for network availability
  • Rugged designs that include an anti-vibration M12 connector and compliance with EN 50155
  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range

Product in Use

  • AWK-4121 IEEE 802.11a/b/g IP68 Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
  • *AWK-4121 has been phased out and the replacement model is AWK-4131A.
  • TN-5518GTXBP EN 50155 16+2G Managed Switches

Product Showcase

*Moxa defines "compliant with essential sections” to include those EN 50155 requirements that make products more suitable for rolling stock railway applications.

Train to Ground

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Traveling with Increased Wireless Availability

Moxa provides 802.11n-rated onboard radio devices and wayside radio APs to facilitate reliable train-to-ground connectivity applied for communication-based train control (CBTC) and onboard surveillance video monitoring.

Moxa's Turbo Roaming enables wireless handover under 50 ms, which is vital to achieve uninterrupted train-to-ground connectivity. Leveraging the latest AeroProtection technology, Moxa's TAP products add redundant Wi-Fi links to increase wireless availability.

Moxa’s train-to-ground radio products integrate dual-band radios, AC/DC power supply, and fiber switching to help operators manage train-to-ground communications for traffic safety and higher operational efficiency.

  • Sub-50 ms layer 2/layer 3 fast secure roaming
  • 300 Mbps data rate for critical data transmission
  • Network latency under 1 ms
  • Complies with EN 50155 mandatory test items
  • IP 68-rated and full-function wireless units
Moxa Reliable Wireless for Connectivity in Busy Metros

Develop Real-Time Video Data Communication for a Metro System in India

One of the largest players within the railway industry needed to develop the rail communication network for a metro in India. In order to enhance passenger safety, the network needed to be able to support a state of the art CCTV surveillance system that provides real-time monitoring from the control center. The project requires a reliable train-to-ground wireless network that connects to rail-certified onboard wireless clients, trackside wireless units, and trackside Ethernet switches.

The onboard wireless clients need to provide seamless roaming, wireless network redundancy, and sufficient bandwidth to ensure smooth video data transmission on constantly moving trains. For the trackside network, a redundant network topology is required to avoid packet loss when transmitting data from the trackside to the control center.


  • Wireless devices that can transmit video data at up to 12 Mbps
  • Millisecond-level latency to ensure real-time communication
  • A network redundancy mechanism for train to ground communications in order to support real-time monitoring from the control center

Why Moxa

  • Use of the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standard ensures 12 Mbps throughput
  • Controller-based Turbo Roaming technology for roaming handoff under 50 ms
  • Turbo Chain topology provides fast network recovery (under 100 ms) at the trackside
  • AeroLink Protection provides wireless network failover mechanism (under 300 ms) for train-to-ground network communications
  • IP68-rated products for outdoor applications
  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range (T models)
  • TAP-6226** wireless units and AWK-4121* Series wireless clients comply with the relevant portions of the EN 50155 standard
  • EN 50121-4 compliant for IKS-G6524A and ICS-G7824A full Gigabit Ethernet switches
  • *Our customized AWK-4121 has been phased out and the replacement model is TAP-213.
  • **The TAP-6226 is being phased out and the replacement model is TAP-213.

Product in Use


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Rail Safety All the Way

Wayside networks are the primary infrastructure that enables real-time data exchange between trains, wayside devices, and equipment to underpin railway safety and efficiency along rail lines.

Moxa’s wayside Ethernet switches provide a wide selection of 10GbE, GbE, Ethernet ,and fiber-optic connectivity, capable of layer 3 traffic segregation, layer 2/3 millisecond-level multicast redundancy, wide operating temperature ranges, and EN 50121 capabilities to allow diverse track equipment, signal, and control networks to be integrated into a single network backbone for durable wayside operations.

All Moxa managed switches leverage Turbo Chain, which eliminates the need for kilometers of extra cables and additional Ethernet ports to form ring-coupling paths and cut costs significantly for wayside network deployment.

  • 10GbE/GbE/Ethernet/PoE/Fiber/DSL connectivity
  • Layer 3 traffic isolation for vital and non-vital network segregation
  • Millisecond-fast multicast routing and switching redundancy
  • Non-IT-friendly network management
  • Resilient and cost-efficient network expansion
  • EN 50121-compliant ruggedness
Moxa wayside networks architecture

Multi-stream Always-on Surveillance

A tramway in North Africa, stretching across 22.4 kilometers, 37 stations, and 11 electrical substations, sought a highly reliable wayside communications system that enables multiple services, including video surveillance always-on.


  • An IP-based surveillance system to connect over 250 IP cameras and allow multicast requests
  • A multiservice network in which layer 2 nodes connect tramway stations and a layer 3 network is located in the control center
  • Layer 3 redundancy under 300 ms recovery time
  • Fast redundancy for both unicast and multicast streams
Moxa Multi-stream Always-on Surveillance

Why Moxa

  • V-ON technology guarantees Gigabit redundancy under 50 ms and layer 3 multicast redundancy under 300 ms
  • Easy configuration of multicast optimized functions
  • MXstudio industrial network management suite for installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics
  • Industrial-grade design and a 5-year warranty

Product in Use


  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Bandwidth
  • Intelligent Connectivity
  • Management

Always-on Availability

Moxa's EN 50155 Ethernet devices ensure the highest network availability by providing millisecond-fast resilient connections at every level from wired routing, switching to wireless communications within consists on the move, or between the trains and wayside.

Industry-proven Reliability

Moxa’s comprehensive portfolio of rugged-railway switches and wireless devices is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, covering wide operating temperature variations, various power input voltages, surges, ESDs, and vibration, making these products highly durable and able to operate in harsh rolling stock and wayside environments.

  • M12 connectors for robust connections
  • Broad fiber-optic portfolio
  • Anti-vibration and high EMI/surge protection
  • -40 to 75 ̊C operating temperature range
  • Dual power with a wide power input range
  • IP-68 for outdoor deployment (optional)

High Speed Performance

High bandwidth is a must for implementing onboard CCTV, passenger-oriented services, and other Ethernet consist networks. In addition, wayside networks require an even larger bandwidth, as they not only need to connect with diverse systems onboard but also need to process and send back the information to the control center. Moxa provides a wide variety of 10GbE, Gigabit, Ethernet, PoE/PoE+, fiber optic, and twisted DSL solutions to facilitate high-speed data communication, simplifying field wiring and reducing installation costs for modern railway applications.

Flexible Train Operations

Updating train networks is time-consuming when train cars are added, removed, or replaced. Moxa's railway devices enable innovative auto-configuration for fast and accurate inter-consist and inter-carriage rearrangement. Saving time by doing away with error-prone manual configuration helps guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

Dynamic Ring Coupling

Moxa’s TN advanced series of Ethernet switches features Dynamic Ring Coupling technology that excels in inter-consist network redundancy. When train carriages are reorganized, Dynamic Ring Coupling detects and automatically reconfigures the network. This technology reduces configuration time and potential human error to achieve highly reliable and efficient train operations.

Auto Carriage Connection

For carriages that are connected wirelessly, Moxa’s Auto Carriage Connection (ACC) feature automatically forms 802.11n wireless bridges between adjacent wireless APs. ACC is available in the 802.11n AWK-RCC series, which supplies up to 300 Mbps of bandwidth to deal with demanding multimedia services.

Easy Deployment and Management

Moxa's MXstudio network management suite makes life easier with a graphic-friendly user interface for network deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. MXconfig assigns IP addresses 10-time faster than one-by-one configuration, making it easier to mass deploy many network devices in a new train system. MXview presents critical network information on a live-view topology that allows non-IT staff to monitor the entire network conditions at a glance.

  • Mass configuration for time-saving and error prevention
  • MXview for live-view topology monitoring
  • Event Playback for easy event tracking
  • Network snapshots for quick troubleshooting
  • Mobile app monitoring and alerts for reduced downtime