Expand Visibility as Your Network Grows

Many modern networks use complex distributed architectures to keep up with business growth and expansion. However, large and complex infrastructure requires more manpower to operate and maintain, and also increases the risk of blind spots that might hamper efficiency and complicate troubleshooting efforts. Furthermore, a lack of visibility makes it even more difficult to keep track of the status of your network.

With MXview One Central Manager, you can automatically consolidate the status and events of all your local MXview One sites to a single centralized platform for complete visibility of your network no matter the size and location of your network sites.

Network administrators and OT engineers can leverage the information-packed dashboard, interactive map, reports, and event intelligence to monitor the status of multiple sites to quickly pinpoint issues, improve uptime, and maximize efficiency.


Benefits of Using MXview One Central Manager

  • Multi-site Visibility
    for Maximum Uptime

    The dashboard with full site visibility and real-time notifications enables instant review and remote access into local sites for faster troubleshooting and maximum uptime.

  • Centralized Management
    to Boost Efficiency

    MXview One Central Manager features comprehensive reporting to assess site performance and optimize resource allocation. Meanwhile, central management of sites, user accounts, and software licenses further boosts efficiency and simplifies maintenance.

  • Manage Versatile

    With full support for monitoring and managing MXview One wired, wireless, and IEC 61850 substation network sites, MXview One Central Manager easily aggregates different types of scattered networks.

Key Features

Intuitive Dashboard

The information-packed dashboard provides at-a-glance information about the status of your sites and event highlights.

Map View and Remote Access

The interactive map shows the physical location and health of each site. If a site turns Warning or Critical, you can easily access the MXview One local site remotely for hands-on troubleshooting.

Real-time Events and Notifications

Real-time event notifications and a complete event log history help administrators quickly review and pinpoint problem sites.

Efficient Group Management

Leverage site groups to simplify management of site licenses, user accounts, and authorization for multiple MXview One sites at once.

Comprehensive Reports

MXview One Central Manager supports scheduled reports based on customizable templates to collect and filter data from multiple sites, providing valuable insights to improve network operations.

Flexible License Management

With MXview One Central Manager you can easily allocate and manage licenses for your sites from a single interface, including MXview One site licenses, Power and Wireless add-on licenses, and node licenses.