Migrating to the IIoT with Moxa Connectivity Solutions

To reap the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you first need to connect all your existing edge devices, such as sensors and I/Os, to the control room. However, these devices’ age, some as old as 20 years, and their different interfaces can complicate migration to the IIoT. Moxa’s industry leading NPort serial device servers and EDS series of Ethernet switches have successfully connected millions of legacy devices with Ethernet networks and all the way to the control room. With their industrial-grade ruggedness, high network reliability, and user-friendly design, Moxa’s connectivity and networking solutions keep industrial automation legacy applications up and running and enable their smooth migration to the IIoT.

  • 30+ Years of Market Leadership

    The NPort serial device servers have been Moxa’s best-selling products over the past 30 years. Pairing the NPorts with the popular EDS Ethernet switches, we are proud to offer our industry-proven expertise that has connected millions of devices in various industrial fields.
  • Industry-Approved Quality

    Moxa’s products provide industrial reliability, such as operation in extreme temperatures, high EMI protection, high MTBF, and specific industry certifications, making NPort serial device servers and EDS Ethernet switches the perfect choice to fulfill any strenuous demand in the market.
  • User Friendly Experience

    Both the NPort and EDS Series support intuitive user interfaces to simplify configuration and operation. Moreover, Moxa’s comprehensive portfolios allow engineers to select the products that are the right fit to connect their serial devices to Ethernet networks.

Simple Connectivity Solution for Any Applications