Debunking the Myths of Protocol Conversions in the IIoT Era

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) helps businesses tap the full potential of previously unlocked data to improve operations. Driving new capabilities to gather information, the IIoT has given rise to new applications such as Energy Management Systems (EMSs) and Facility Management and Control Systems (FMCSs). However, new opportunities bring new challenges. For example, systems need to overcome protocol inoperability when collecting data from field devices and transmitting it to a control room. Due to the large variety of protocols involved, devices and control systems often don’t speak the same language. For example, PROFINET and PROFIBUS are protocols commonly used in PLCs and SCADA systems while field devices, such as meters and VFDs, communicate through Modbus. Overcoming these conversion issues through a system upgrade does not mean that legacy devices are doomed. The beauty of the IIoT is making better use of existing devices to optimize operations without incurring big costs.

The Key Challenges when Connecting Your Devices to PROFINET/PROFIBUS Networks

Connecting different devices, machines, and networks that use different protocols poses a number of challenges to companies. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available to connect your devices specifically to a PROFINET or PROFIBUS network. Take note that each option comes with its own set of challenges.

3 Key Benefits Why You Need Moxa’s Protocol Gateways As Your Connectivity Solution

At Moxa, we understand the challenges you are facing, and with our expertise in industrial automation, we have developed protocol gateways that are the best-fit solution for you.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Stand-alone gateways are the best solution to resolve protocol conversion issues, as well as extending the lifetime of your devices to reduce costs.

Faster and Easier Configuration

Configuration is an arduous task. We spend a lot of time to ensure that our protocol gateways are easy to set up and use.

Reduced Downtime

Built-in troubleshooting tools in our protocol gateways help administrators to quickly pinpoint the root cause of failures and reduce downtime.

Application Note

The rise of Industry 4.0 has given factories new opportunities to upgrade their legacy automation systems and enter the world of smart factories. These transformations, however, come with challenges, for example, connecting a large number of Modbus devices to networked control systems, such as SCADA systems and PLCs, which commonly use PROFINET or PROFBUS protocols. To overcome this incompatibility between protocols, protocol gateways provide seamless protocol conversions.