MXview ToGo Mobile App for Network Monitoring

Expand Network Visibility to Mobile Phones

In the past, network operators needed to stay in a control room to monitor the status of their networks. But in many operations, automation engineers are called upon to be on the move, making it difficult to quickly respond to changes in network status. But with the development of mobile apps, network operators no longer need to be stuck in a control room to ensure reliable business operation. Moxa's MXview ToGo app allows you to instantly view your network status, even while on the move, and efficiently shortens system downtime. MXview ToGo is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Can I use the MXview ToGo app without installing MXview industrial network management software?

No, you must install MXview industrial network management software in order to use the use the MXview ToGo because the app is a client that connects to the MXview server (version 2.6 or later). However, you may try the functions of the MXview ToGo app without installing MXview server by logging in to Demo Mode.

Is it necessary to connect the MXview server to the Internet to activate the event push notification?

Yes. In order to use the Push Notification service, an Internet-connected MXview server is required. However, to check the real-time network status, MXview ToGo app can connect to MXview server either via the Internet or an intranet. Download the MXview trial software.

Are there security issues I should be aware of when someone uses the MXview ToGo app to access the network?

Using MXview ToGo to connect to an MXview server requires the IP address, username, and password of that particular MXview server. For Push Notification service, users first need to register an MXview ToGo email account on the MXview server for identification and security purposes.

How can I create QR codes of network devices?

You can generate QR code image files using MXview v2.6, MXconfig v2.2, or later versions. Right-click the specific device icon on the MXview topology map, click “Maintenance”, and select “Generate QR code”. You can then print the QR code for your use.

 What information can I see from scanning the QR code?

The QR code contains the MAC address for the device, which is a unique number used by MXview to recognize devices. After scanning the QR code, you will be able view detailed device information, such as the firmware version.

 Do I need to use a Moxa device to experience the MXview ToGo app?

Even if you are not using Moxa devices, you can still experience MXview ToGo along with MXview by accessing the MXview Virtual Demo Network as shown in the image below. The MXview Virtual Demo Network simulates a network of three virtual switches, allowing you to see real-time reactions, such as link down, and network recovery on MXview and MXview ToGo. Download the MXview industrial network management software trial, and select the Virtual Demo Network mode for an in-depth experience. Or download MXview ToGo Quick Installation Guide for more details.

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