MXview ToGo Mobile App for Network Monitoring

A high-speed railway operator built a fiber Ethernet backbone for data transmission between its Operation Management Center and other railway stations to ensure high network availability. The customer used about 30 IKS-G6524 industrial rackmount switches to connect to the pre-existing Layer 3 networks, and used MXstudio industrial network management suite across the network management lifecycle, including installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics.

Using MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite

The rail operator used MXconfig network configuration tool for initial mass deployment. Instead of manually configuring the MAC address of each switch and assigning IP addresses one by one, MXconfig allows users to configure IP address, VLAN, and redundancy protocols for a batch of switches at one time. The customer also installed MXview industrial network management software to ease future operation and troubleshooting.

System Diagram

    Why MXview ToGo?

  • Instant network status check on the move
  • Real-time event notification for reduced system downtime
  • Smart device search and identification for higher operational efficiency

Installing MXview ToGo App

According to the network administrators of the railway operator, they sometimes need to leave the control room for patrol inspection within and around the stations. Therefore, Moxa introduced them the new MXview ToGo mobile app.After installing the app, it allows them to easily check the latest network status from their mobile phones. If any abnormality is detected, the MXview server will also push an event notification to the phones for network administrators to respond quickly. In addition, the customer mentioned that the simple and neat dashboard in the app makes it easier to tell whether the network is operating under Normal, Warning, or Critical conditions.

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