2015 Industral Ethernet Solutions

Moxa 2015 IES Brochure

A Reliability-focused Solution Portfolio

Industrial Network Management Suite

Automation-Friendly NetworkAutomation-Friendly Network Management SuiteManagement Suite

  • 10x faster configuration (with 100 switches)
  • Live topology and VLAN visualization
  • Event playback and quick troubleshooting
  • Event playback and quick troubleshooting

NAT/VPN/Firewall Secure Routers NAT/VPN/Firewall Secure Routers

  • Defense-in-depth up to 500 Mbps throughput
  • VPN for secure remote access
  • Firewalls for critical asset protection
  • Built-in Modbus TCP packet inspection
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EDS E Series: The Next Generation of Industrial Ethernet Switches Unbreakable Wireless Networks

Industrial Ethernet Switches Industrial Ethernet Switches

  • 500+ 10GbE/GbE/Ethernet/PoE portfolio
  • Layer 2 video switching recovery < 50 ms
  • Layer 3 video routing recovery < 300 ms
  • Reputed reliability for lower total cost of ownership

Industrial Wireless Connectivity Industrial Wireless Connectivity

  • 4G LTE and 802.11n Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Millisecond-level roaming with security
  • Dual Isolation for operational reliability
  • GuaranLink and AeroLink Protection for reliable connectivity
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Industrial Fieldbus-to-Ethernet Gateway Solutions

Industrial Ethernet Gateways Industrial Ethernet Gateways

  • Multi-protocol conformity and interoperability
  • Innovative technology for easy configuration
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostics
  • Diverse industry certifications

Field Networking and AutomationField Networking and Automation SolutionsSolutions

  • 4-in-1 cellular data acquisition
  • Industrial-grade serial-to-Ethernet device servers
  • Ethernet-to-fiber and DSL converters
  • HD IP cameras for extreme weather applications
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