High Bandwidth Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Enable Connectivity for High Bandwidth Applications

With the demands imposed on networks by Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, industry partners are faced with the challenge of establishing reliable and efficient network communication systems. Constructing a single converged network is not as simple as it used to be because more and more devices that support different types of communication interfaces are now being deployed in industrial automation networks. Demand for converged quad-play services (data, voice, video, and control) has also increased dramatically. Network transmission is becoming more complex and requires higher bandwidth to transmit different types of data, especially when video data is involved.

To get started scaling up your network with high bandwidth solutions, let's first explore whether bandwidth-hungry systems already exist in your industrial applications.


Check if Your Industrial Applications Require Bandwidth-Hungry Systems:

IP Surveillance   Emergency Response Systems   Passenger Infotainment Systems   Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
With more HD IP surveillance systems being deployed to ensure public safety, industrial automation networks will need to meet higher bandwidth requirements to ensure seamless network transmissions. To ensure personnel safety, mission critical systems such as tunnel applications usually deploy emergency response systems to prevent and respond to any anomalies that occur. All risks must be detected immediately so that they can be mitigated and addressed in a timely manner. Passenger infotainment systems have continued to evolve to better fulfill the expectations of passengers. Whereas the passenger infotainment systems of yesterday may merely display the name of the next train stop, more modern systems now include additional information, such as distance and time to the destination, local weather information, and even relevant advertising. Large amounts of traffic data from sophisticated gantry devices, such as cameras, scanners, and sensors, will require high bandwidth transmission speeds across the ETC network backbone, especially for the transmission of high-resolution images from multiple cameras atop every gantry.
With growing demand for bandwidth-hungry systems in industrial applications, operators must consider an integrated plan for network bandwidth to enable quad-play services on a single converged network. Moxa, as an industrial Ethernet solution provider, has been helping customers around the world implement integrated high-bandwidth solutions to ensure network availability.

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