High Bandwidth Industrial Wireless Solutions

Deploying Video-over-Wireless Networks in Industrial Automation

With the rapid adoption of wireless technology in industrial automation—due to its lower cost of deployment, higher mobility, and better scalability compared with wired networks—automation engineers have been scrambling to learn which wireless devices to choose, and the best way to deploy a reliable wireless network. Now that more and more video data is being transmitted over networks, it is imperative for operators to ensure that the devices they choose are reliable, and that the network they build can support seamless video streaming. Always-on video-over-wireless networks expected to handle video applications for a variety of industrial environments must be able to satisfy a wide range of criteria to be suitable for different applications.

Video Transmission

Key Considerations

IP Surveillance
With the increasing demand for security, IP surveillance systems are being deployed at an ever increasing rate. However, using wireless to transmit essential video data requires minimizing wireless latency so that any emergency can be handled in real time as it unfolds.
IP Surveillance on Mobile Equipment Surveillance systems deployed on mobile equipment, including trains, eBuses, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), need better quality wireless mobility technology to maintain stable connections during highly mobile operations.
Wireless Hotspots Wireless hotspots in factories designed to offer easy access to online information, as well as railway station and onboard passenger infotainment systems, require a lot of wireless bandwidth to service multiple users who need to upload and download large multimedia files at same time.


As a networking expert, Moxa can provide the best industrial wireless solution to ensure seamless video-over-wireless transmission for industrial applications. Our complete wireless LAN and WAN solutions are designed with high bandwidth, low latency, and seamless mobility to support multiple wireless devices, and in particular the transmission of video data. Keep reading to learn what you should look out for when choosing wireless devices for video data communication, and learn how to deploy video-over-wireless systems for different applications.



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