Marine Certifications Ensure Secure Communication Networks for Offshore Environments

Some of Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches and video servers are marine-grade and have passed various marine environmental tests:

    Norway   DNV (Det Norske Veritas)   Certification No. 2.4, April 2006  
    Germany   GL (Germanischer Lloyd)   Certificate No. 8610409 HH  
    London   LR (Lloyd's Register of Shipping)   Certification No. 10/00005, 2002  
    USA   ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)   Certification No. 09-LD485789A-PDAs  
    Japan   NKK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)   Certification No. TA09372M  
These strict tests ensure optimal device performance in harsh environments, including continuous exposure to dry heat, cold/hot temperatures, humidity, high voltage, vibration, power surges, and shock. These rigorous safety standards ensure long-lasting, reliable operation in ship, offshore oil/gas, and windmill environments. In addition, Moxa's industrial Ethernet-to-fiber media converters, serial device servers, and embedded computers have all passed rigorous DNV testing, making them perfectly suited for hazardous ship environments.
Marine Certification Table
Finished Pending
Model Name Marine Certification
   DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches        
  EDS-828/IM Series   24+4G-port Layer 3 Modular Switch
  EDS-728/IM Series   24+4G-port Modular Switch
  EDS-600/CM Series   8/16/8+3G/16+3G-port Modular Switch
  EDS-518A Series   16+2G-port Managed Switch
  EDS-510A Series   7+3G-port Managed Switch      
  EDS-516A Series   16-port Managed Switch
  EDS-505A/508A Series   5/8-port Managed Switch
  EDS-405A Series   5-port Entry-level Managed Switch
  EDS-408A Series   8-port Entry-level Managed Switch
  EDS-408A 3 Fiber Series   8-port Entry-level Managed Switch
  EDS-305/308/309/316 Series   5/8/9/16-port Unmanaged Switch
  EDS-205A Series   5-port Entry-level Unmanaged Switch
  EDS-208A Series   8-port Entry-level Unmanaged Switch
  EDS-G509 Series   9G-port Full Gigabit Managed Switch
  EDS-G205/G308 Series   5G/8G-port Full Gigabit Unmanaged Switch
  TN-5305 Series   EN50155 5-port unmanaged Ethernet switches
  Rackmount Ethernet Switches
  IKS-6524/6526 Series   24/24+2G-port Fixed-type Rackmount Managed Switch
  IKS-6726 Series   24+2G-port Rackmount Managed Switch
  IKS-6324 Series   22+2G-port Rackmount Unmanaged Switch
  PM-7200 Series   Gigabit/Fast Ethernet Mdoules for IKS Series
Model Name Marine Certification
  PoE Switches    
  EDS-P510 Series   7+3G-port Managed PoE Switch
  EDS-P308 Series   8-port Unmanaged PoE Switch
  SPL-24 Series   PoE Splitter
  SFP Media Modules
  SFP-1G Series   1G-port Gigabit SFP Module
  SFP-1FE Series   1-port Fast Ethernet SFP Module
  Industrial Ethernet to Fiber Media Converters
  IMC-101 Series   10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX Media Converter
  Industrial Secure Routers
  EDR-G902    Industrial VPN Secure Router      
  Industrial Video Servers
  VPort 351 Series   1-channel MJPEG/MPEG4 Video Server
  Serial Device Servers
  NPort 5200/5400 Series   2/4-port Serial Device Server
  NPort IA5150/5250 Series   1/2-port Industrial Serial Device Server
  Ethernet Fieldbus Gateways
  MGate MB3170/3270 Series   1/2-port Serial-to-Ethernet Modbus Gateway
  Embedded Computers
  IA240/241   RISC-based DIN-Rail Embedded Computer
  UC-7110 Series   RISC-based Industrial Embedded Computer
  UC-7410-LX PLUS   RISC-based Industrial Embedded Computer
  MC-4510-C23 Master Series   x86-based Industrial Embedded Computer for Marine Bridge Systems
  MC-5150-DC-CP   x86-based Industrial Embedded Computer for Marine Bridge Systems
  MC-5150-AC/DC   x86-based Industrial Embedded Computer for Marine Bridge Systems
MPC-112-K   x86-based Industrial Embedded Computer for Marine Bridge Systems
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