Industrial IP Surveillance Solutions


Committed to the Reliability & Quality of Moxa’s IP Cameras

Moxa has been a player in the industrial automation field for over 25 years, and one of the most important lessons we’ve learned in this time is how critical it is to provide reliable, high quality products to ensure safety. Our commitment to reliability and quality is built into our IP cameras, since we take strict measures at each phase of product development, from selecting materials to conducting a complete product inspection. Our IP cameras are designed to work reliably in harsh, industrial environments, where security and safety is a top priority.

How Moxa’s IP Camera Delivers High Quality and Reliable Industrial IP Cameras

Moxa manufactures high quality industrial grade IP cameras is based on the following four commitments:

  • Creating a Consistent Rugged Design
  • Designing for Optimal Image Quality
  • Strict Industrial-strength Testing
  • 100% Product & Quality Inspection

Strict Industrial-strength Testing

Moxa’s IP cameras undergo strict industrial-strength testing to guarantee a rugged design and top quality

  • 20+ days of key component burn-in tests for the lens, and 200+ hours for the IP camera motor
  • 40+ hours of cyclic wide-temperature testing and burn-in
  • Shock and vibration tests simulating rolling stock conditions that comply with IEC 61373*
  • Our cameras are IP66 airtight and IK-8/10 (EN 62262) vandal-proof tested
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