Industrial Network Management Suite

Switches need to connect to the pre-existing Layer 3 switches.
Network redundancy to ensure high network availability.
Easy network configuration to reduce the deployment effort for a large-scale network.
Industrial-grade product quality to ensure reliable operation.

Fast Track Mass Configuration for High-Speed Railway Ethernet Backbone

Since the initial configuration of Ethernet switches is generally done device by device, it can take a lot of time and effort for industrial engineers to configure all of the switches connected to their network. With MXconfig's mass configuration feature, the initial deployment time can be significantly reduced.


To avoid subpar service due to complex networking environments, a high-speed rail operator in Asia wanted to build a fiber Ethernet backbone between its railway stations and central Operations Management Center (OMC) to ensure high availability data communications. This project required that more than 30 switches be installed in several stations across the country. Due to the long distance, if one switch is configured and installed incorrectly, it would take a lot of time to fix the error. For this reason, one of the challenges for the rail operator was to be able to set up and configure their switches more efficiently.



Moxa not only provided the IKS-G6524 Ethernet switches to connect the Layer 3 switches at the OMC and each railway station, but also included a complete software suite—MXstudio—to help the railway operator get its new Ethernet backbone up and running in no time. It could take hours to manually configure the MAC addresses of new switches and assign IP addresses one by one, but with MXconfig, the user-friendly configuration tool in MXstudio, the OMC was able to configure several functions (IP address, VLAN settings, and redundancy protocol settings) for all 30 switches in under 30 minutes.

The fact that MAC addresses can be hard to see after switches are rack mounted made MXconfig's unique Link Sequence Detection feature extremely attractive. Link Sequence Detection makes mass configuration easy by using the physical proximity of each switch to the computer to assign IP addresses. In this way, it's easy to tell which switch belongs to which station, reducing the amount of time engineers need to configure their switches.


  • MXconfig's Mass Configuration feature reduces initial deployment time.
  • MXconfig's Link Sequence Detection feature eliminates manual configuration errors.
  • Configuration overview and documentation for easy status review and management.
  • Three user privilege levels enhance security and management flexibility.

Watch this video to see how fast and easy MXconfig can configure 75 network devices, compared with the traditional way.