3 Keys for Great Serial-to-Ethernet Reliability

The Importance of Reliable Serial-to-Ethernet Communications

In today's increasingly competitive global environment, leveraging the right technologies is more important than ever for your business to stay ahead of the competition. Although serial device servers allow users to retain their legacy RS-232/422/485 devices and interface directly with a future-proof Ethernet networks, ensuring high reliability and data integrity requires more than simple hardware.


For 20 years, Moxa has led the world in providing serial device servers to connect legacy serial field devices to an Ethernet LAN/WAN. As your trusted serial partner, Moxa understands the need for high reliability and strives to provide advanced solutions to quickly and easily connect serial devices to Ethernet networks, and integrate enterprise data for automation.

3 Keys for Great Serial-to-Ethernet Reliability

Host Reliability
Minimize Downtime with Multi-Host Support

Most serial-to-Ethernet architectures use a single host computer for remote control, leaving the network vulnerable to system-wide disconnections or crashes if that one host computer is not working properly. Moxa's NPort series is designed to minimize downtime by:

  • > allowing up to 8 backup hosts to automatically receive serial data at the same time.
  • > allowing multiple hosts to send commands and receive serial data at the same time.

Network Reliability
Increase Reliability with Redundant Networks

To prevent network disruptions and guarantee reliable data transmissions, Moxa's NPort series is designed to provide network redundancy with a recovery time < 100 ms.

Device Reliability
Eliminate Data Loss with Local Device Intelligence

By enabling the NPort device server’s UART to handle flow control directly, on-chip flow control can overcome the limitations of traditional software flow control. More specifically, on-chip flow control can delineate where a data packet begins and ends to allow sufficient yet efficient lag time for the receiving field devices to process the data.

Factory Automation Application

Network redundancy is extremely important for factory automation applications, particularly since network crashes can cause a marked increase in productivity costs. In addition, since many enterprises build their factories in remote locations to decrease cost, they need to be able to reliably transmit data back and forth between the factory and headquarters. Data transmission and control is complicated by the fact that control signals may be sent both from headquarters and control stations located on site in the factory. Moxa's NPort serial device servers are designed to overcome these and other challenges, and to ensure that your factory automation applications are reliable.