Energize Your Mission-Critical Networks with SmartPoE

When installing powered devices, you may encounter power devices that exceed the PoE standard. Moxa’s unique SmartPoE provides intelligent forced powering, power diagnostics, and power management functions to maximize compatibility with a diverse selection of power devices, and to simplify configuration and reduce the amount of effort required for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Moxa’s unique power diagnostic function is able to detect powered device conditions to help you quickly configure powered devices connected to your PoE network. The diagnostic function suggests the best settings and monitors the status of powered devices, saving you a lot of effort on installation and troubleshooting.

Diagnose Powered Device Conditions

Users can easily get the conditions for their powered devices and complete their configuration with 3 simple steps using Moxa’s user-friendly web interface. In addition, the power diagnostic function saves configuration time by suggesting the best PoE port configuration for connected powered devices.

3-steps for getting the best settings and
diagnosing powered device conditions
Step 1: Check which port numbers will be diagnosed.
Step 2: Click Activate.
Step 3: The system shows the selected powered device conditions and suggests the best settings.
PoE Device Failure Detection

A PoE Ethernet switch can monitor the working status of powered devices via its IP conditions. If the powered device fails, the switch will not receive a response and then after a preconfigured time period has passed the authentication process will restart. This is an excellent function for maintaining network reliability and making the network manager’s job easier.

Smart PoE LED Indicators

Moxa’s PoE switches have intelligent LED indicators on the front panel for quick troubleshooting and easy maintenance, allowing system operators to easily determine the power status of powered devices and power inputs. The LEDs provide the following functionality.

  • The device status of each PoE connection and the PoE standard of each PoE port.
  • When a power failure occurs, the operator can easily determine if it was caused by a short circuit or power overload.