Embedded Software Platform  
  Empower Your Competitiveness for Faster Time-to-Market  
The high reliability and stability of Moxa's embedded computers give users an extra advantage over the competition. To further empower our customers' competitiveness for a faster time-to-market, Moxa is offering application developers a valuable embedded software platform. Called Rcore, this platform brings you the following benefits:
Easy-to-use application libraries
Proven and bug-free sample code
Fast concept validation and development cycle
According to the 2008 "Embedded Systems Design Report" by Tech Insights, an embedded project takes an average of 13.1 months to complete. As shown in the figure below, a project cycle covers several phases, with each phase taking a certain amount of time to complete. Moxa Rcore provides the ready-to-go software components depicted by the color blocks. These components help customers shorten the project cycle from the "Concept Exploration" phase to the "Development" phase.
  Operating Systems  
  Moxa's x86 and ARM embedded computers offer a powerful computing environment and stable system for a variety of industrial applications. These computers use either the Linux or Windows (CE and XP) embedded operating system to provide programmers around the world with a user-friendly environment for application development, and reduce the effort required for system integration. In addition, Moxa is committed to developing products that support real-time operating systems suitable for mission critical applications.  
  Moxa also offers a variety of middleware to help you easily integrate these application modules into your system. This is essential for leveraging the modules' useful features and reducing the effort required for application development.
The VPN (OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec) middleware makes it easy for user applications to create secure tunnels between communication parties, and the Firewall (iptable) middleware protects enterprise information from un-friendly access. The Database system (MySQL and MSSQL) middleware can be used to manage field-data acquisition, with Web Services (Web, PHP, ASP) included to give programmers an integration framework for building Internet accessible field applications, such as WebSCADA.
  Sample Code  
  To lower customers' development cost, Moxa provides sample code for a wide range of embedded applications, such as serial-to-Ethernet (S2E), serial-to-serial (S2S), and Modbus TCP and RTU. This high-level sample code or application libraries hide the details of implementing complex data communication by presenting relatively simple function prototypes for user applications. In addition, low-level libraries that manage direct access to peripheral I/O devices, such as LCM, keypad, digital IO signals, and watch dog functions, are also included. With ready access to such a rich assortment of embedded applications, programmers obtain a much greater flexibility than would otherwise be possible. These libraries help programmers quickly grasp the full functionality of their applications, and in this way gain the confidence needed to complete their project, essentially speeding up product development and ensuring that code is efficient and bug-free.  
  Moxa provides a Windows PC-based tool (MDM) that auto-detects, configures, and manages Moxa's embedded computers in a LAN environment. This tool provides features for setting IP addresses, managing files, monitoring memory usage of computers, and helping application developers deploy their programs en masse to a whole army of computers.  
  Consulting Service  
  For developers who plan to implement the Rcore embedded software platform, Moxa can provide consulting to shorten the time required to implement your application. Please contact our support team at sys.support@moxa.com for details.  
Rcore Community
Moxa has launched a new learning and sharing platform, the Rcore Community, to provide our partners with free and easy access to software and technical knowledge about embedded systems. This interactive platform provides a broad knowledge bank and valuable technical resources to assist system integrators and software developers in implementing proprietary solutions. Rcore Community members can download embedded software information and documents for free, including Rcore sample code, MDM tools, and OS documents.
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