Product Overview    
  The IA3341 was designed with the following three concepts in mind: integration, acceleration, and cost-effectiveness, which provides a better and smarter industrial solution. As with all Moxa products, the IA3341 is rugged and industrial-grade and provides reliable computing for any harsh industrial environment. In addition, the open source Linux platform gives programmers a convenient tool for developing sophisticated, bug-free application software at a lower cost.

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  Programmable Computing Platform with Integrated Communication I/Os  
  The IA3341 is designed to replace the traditional embedded computer and I/O module solutions by integrating the two together. With its powerful computing platform, the IA3341 can act as a front-end controller to perform industrial tasks, such as data acquisition, data computing, protocol conversion, and data analysis. What's more, the IA3341 is equipped with multiple communication interfaces that are specifically designed for solar applications. The IA3341 is an ideal computer and I/O solution that exceeds expectations at an affordable price.  
  An I/O Combination That's Just Right
for Solar Applications
  Having trouble finding that right product for your application? Look no further! The IA3341 not only offers a powerful computing platform, but it also supports multiple communication I/Os and can be easily connected to many different types of devices such as meters and sensors. The IA3341 is specifically designed for solar applications: it features two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual LANs, four digital input channels, and four digital output channels. In addition, the IA3341 also features two additional analog input channels and two thermocouple channels. The features and functions of the IA3341 make it the perfect computer-plus-I/O combination for solar and environmental monitoring applications.  
  Built-in Modbus TCP Library to Streamline
Time-consuming Tasks
  Moxa has become a leading industrial computing provider by continuously striving to provide customers with not only the right products, but also cost-efficient and time saving solutions. The IA3341 is equipped with a built-in Modbus TCP library and web server to allow users to easily and quickly monitor and retrieve AI data, which is particularly useful for solar power and environmental monitoring applications. The built-in Modbus TCP library saves an enormous amount of valuable time and money to provide the best value to our customers.  
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