Advanced Functions
Advanced Functions that Overcome the Limitations of Existing Systems
Difficulties are often encountered when using gateways with existing systems. Unlike designing an entirely new system, existing systems pose certain limitations due the equipment and software currently in use.
Some SCADA software has limitations in submitting slave IDs and connection numbers.
When establishing a control network, it helps to be able to choose from a variety of gateways to minimize deployment costs. However, you may encounter problems with slave ID routing.
Existing host software controls devices over a COM port, and the COM port mapping function provided by device servers cannot completely fulfill DF1 communication behavior.
The MGate EIP3000 provides advanced functions for solving these problems and for overcoming the limitations imposed by existing systems.
Easy to Use Routing Table
When using different serial ports gateways, it is important to set up the “slave ID to serial port” mapping. Even when using a 1-port gateway, some legacy devices are only manufactured with one unique ID for all units. In this case, the ID must be translated before a message is sent to the same control network, and it helps the host computer to recognize all devices as individual units.
The MGate EIP3000 is designed to serve all slave ID routing requirements. With MGate Manager, setting up a complete routing table is quick and easy. We provide a graphical user interface that helps in designing a “slave ID to serial port” mapping.
Individual IP for Each Serial Port
For some SCADA software, such as RSLinx, the slave ID for an Ethernet connection is designed as a fixed number for every IP, which poses a problem when using multiple serial ports gateways. If a gateway provides only one IP on the Ethernet network, devices connected to other serial ports will never receive requests or commands from the SCADA software.
With the IP alias function, the MGate EIP3000 supports an individual IP for each serial port, allowing SCADA software to communicate through the gateway with DF1 devices on different serial ports at the same time.
Use ProCOM to Implement Control via COM Port Mapping Generate Four Extra Virtual Serial Channels
Most existing host software uses COM ports as the interface for control. Being much more than just a device server, the MGate EIP3000 provides a COM mapping function and also retains the DF1 connection capability. The MGate EIP3000 supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, and provides COM port mapping control of device servers and DF1 behavior compatibility of gateways.
Each MGate EIP3000 gateway supports four virtual serial ports for remote control over an Ethernet connection.
A Perfect Gateway that Can Do It All!
Supports16 simultaneous requests per client
ProCOM supports 4 extra virtual serial ports
Supports PCCC objects
MGate Manager provides a powerful protocol analyzer
Ethernet cascading capability built in
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