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Three Steps to Speed Up IIoT Development

Accelerating your IIoT development is essential to ensure the correct data is delivered at the right time so that your application can reap the benefits of the IIoT. It requires an easy and fast solution for data acquisition, an efficient solution for data logging and processing, and an easy and secure solution for data connectivity.

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What Do You Need to Know when Choosing an IIoT Gateway?


Easy to Collect from Fieldbus Equipment

To speed up your IIoT development, an IIoT gateway with built-in fieldbus-based interfaces, protocols, and a data collection method helps reduce the extra cost and efforts to implement additional OT connectivity solutions. The most commonly used fieldbus connectivity is serial ports and tag-based data acquisition with Modbus protocols. IIoT gateways featuring this combination will be able to collect numerous data from field sites.

Looking for more options regarding fieldbus-based connectivity for large-scale IIoT applications? See our Interoperability Solutions to learn more.

Ready-to-Run Data Processing Interfaces

To speed up your IIoT development, a pre-defined and easy-to-use data logger can save you time and effort on organizing huge amounts of raw data logically and meaningful. Also, frequently used application programming interfaces (APIs) can be installed for flexible and customized application development, transforming raw data into useful information for big data analytics or instant responses at the field site.

Looking for more options regarding data processing solutions? See our Data Processing Solutions to learn more.

Connect Securely to Cloud Services

Connecting securely to cloud service through the Internet is critical. First, the IIoT gateway requires an Ethernet or cellular interface for an online connection and a frequently used IT communication protocol such as MQTT. Then, a secure method, based on different communication scenarios to avoid unwanted access, needs to be implemented. Finally, compatibility with cloud service providers makes it easy to bring data onto a cloud platform.

Looking for more secure communication solutions? Check out our Edge-to-Cloud Network Protection and Secure Remote Access to learn more.

Accelerate Integration, Simplify Management

In general, IIoT gateways that provide solutions to fulfill the above three steps can speed up IIoT development. However, a truly intelligent IIoT gateway solution should also consider ways to make devices smarter and more rugged for deployment, operation, and maintenance. Moxa’s intelligent IIoT gateway solutions not only include the three aforementioned steps to speed up IIoT development, but also simplify efforts to operate and maintain your IIoT gateways, making it perfect choices for your IIoT applications.


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Speed up IIoT Development

Easy and Secure Data Connectivity

  • Connect to the Cloud:Cellular connection with OpenVPN over TLS get you into a cloud platform securely
  • Communicate with IT Programs: Convert to MQTT protocol for IT applications

Efficient Data Logger and Processing

  • OT Data into IT Systems:RESTful/C/Python APIs and API tokens make OT data implementation in IT applications easy and secure
  • OT Data for IT Staff Usage:Easy-to-use Modbus Graphic User Interface

Easy and Fast Data Acquisition

  • OT Device Interface:Serial port to connect with fieldbus equipment
  • OT Device Protocol:Tag-based Modbus data to collect fieldbus data

Simplify IIoT Project Life Cycle

Easy Device Management

  • Mass Remote Management:Easy to review devices' status with map view
  • Mass Remote Configuration:Easy to operate the devices’ firmware updates

Secure and Reliable Device Operation

  • Long-Term Commitment:Support 10 years of Linux Superior Long Term Support
  • Device Security:Supports TPM 2.0 to secure the device and protect the data inside

Easy and Reliable Device Deployment

  • Easy Deployment:Mass configuration made easy
  • Proven Reliability:Tailored-made for industrial applications

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