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Five patents pending for new Modbus gateway

Taipei, Taiwan, MAY 16, 2007— MOXA has expanded its presence in the Modbus gateway market with the release of the MGate MB3000 line, two years after releasing their first Modbus gateway.

''With the MGate MB3000, we're trying to make it as easy as possible for different Modbus protocols to communicate with each other,'' said Jackie Shi, the head of MOXA's device networking unit. To simplify the integration of Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP, five patent-pending features were developed specifically for the MGate MB3000 .

An example of user-friendly design is the MGate MB3000's configuration utility, which supports multiple languages and allows the gateway to be set up in just five steps. Modbus response timeouts can be automatically configured, eliminating one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks when integrating Modbus networks.

On advanced models, the priority control feature allows special or critical requests to bypass the strict first-come-first-serve Modbus communication structure. Users may assign first priority to specific requests, port numbers, or IP addresses, giving integrators valuable flexibility in handling a system's requirements.

For maximum compatibility between Modbus TCP and Modbus ASCII/RTU, the MGate MB3000 supports up to 16 simultaneous TCP masters, with up to 32 simultaneous requests from each master. Since multiple slaves can be daisy-chained off a single serial port, the smart routing feature was developed to manage slave IDs between Modbus interfaces. A user-defined slave ID table on the MGate MB3000 routes requests to the correct serial port and even allows the use of virtual IDs. Instead of requiring a network socket for each port, only one socket is required to access all slaves on all ports, saving system and network resources.

The features developed for the MGate MB3000 products address the most common and most challenging difficulties that Modbus integrators face, and demonstrate MOXA's commitment towards making device networking easier and readily accessible to all users. Whereas existing solutions require a high level of expertise with Modbus, the MGate MB3000 should allow users to integrate Modbus networks even without any knowledge of the communication protocols.

The MGate MB 3000 line of Modbus gateways will be available in early April. For more information, please visit http://www.moxa.com , or contact info@moxa.com .


  • Makes it easy to combine Modbus TCP with Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Allows multiple TCP masters for maximum Modbus compatibility
  • Provides priority control for critical commands (on advanced models)
  • Integrates Modbus networks without change to existing architecture

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