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Using Intelligent Networks to Ease Urban Traffic
To work best a traffic system needs an Intelligent Traffic System to optimize transit capacity - and to work best, an ITS needs the right network infrastructure. The two case studies in this article demonstrate how the right choice of underlying network helps improve traffic efficiency and safety. Read more.
How to Build Passenger Information Systems for both New and Refurbished Carriages
Customers now demand quality Internet services as they commute to work or travel from city to city. When building new trains or even just refurbishing an older one, system integrators now must meet this expectation with reliable and operator-friendly Passenger Information Systems. Read more.

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EN 50155 16+2G-port Gigabit Ethernet switches with up to 8 PoE ports
Terminal servers with LAN redundancy
Rugged, IEC 61131-3, Compact RTU Controller
Modular RTU Controller with IEC 61131-3
Remote Wellhead Surveillance and Data Acquisition
Robust Moxa Communications Network Ensures Success of French Tramway
Upgrading IP CCTV Surveillance for Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Building Reliable Onboard IP CCTV Systems for City Trams in Hungary