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Industrial Media Converters
industrial media converters

Moxa's industrial media converters provide Ethernet-to-fiber solutions. Moxa's Media Converters convert Ethernet to optical fiber.


Serial Media Converters

Industrial Ethernet-to-Fiber Media Converters

  • IMC-21GA Series
         Industrial Gigabit Ethernet-to-fiber media converters
  • TRC-190 Series
         Rackmount chassis for the NRack System
  • CSM-200 Series
         10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX slide-in modules for the NRack System™
  • IMC-101G Series
         Industrial Gigabit Ethernet to fiber media converter
  • IMC-101 Series
         Industrial 10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX Media Converters
  • IMC-21A Series
         Industrial 10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX media converters
  • IMC-21 Series
         Entry-level industrial 10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX media converter
  • IMC-P101 Series
         IEEE 802.3af PoE Ethernet-to-fiber media converters
  • PTC-101 Series
         IEC 61850-3 and Railway Ethernet-to-fiber media converters
  • PTC-101-M12 Series
         EN 50121-4 Ethernet-to-fiber media converters
  • ME61 Series
         Single-Strand: 10/100BaseT(X) to 100BaseFX Fiber Converters

Industrial DSL Ethernet Extender