Industrial Fieldbus-to-Ethernet Gateway Solutions

10x Faster Gateways to

Handle Multiple Devices

High density Modbus gateways can connect up to 240 devices to a single Modbus network at the same time. Nonetheless, you still need to ensure that all device data is received within a certain amount of time. And because there are so many devices connected to a single gateway, you will also need to provide network redundancy. When deploying multiple devices, the MGate MB3660-8/16 series provides the following attractive features:

10x faster performance with active polling
Dual network interfaces and dual power modules designed for redundancy
8/16-port Modbus Gateways
MGate MB3660-8/16
Power monitoring and data center
  10x Faster Performance with Active Polling  

To handle multiple device data reading, multiple Modbus TCP concurrent connection might be the first consideration. For 16 ports Modbus gateway, you will need to use 16 Modbus TCP connections. This will waste SCADA resource and network bandwidth. Moxa MGate MB3660-8/16 series gives you more intelligent way to handle multiple devices. It will work as the front-end controller to collect all information actively. With the innovative technology, you don't need to waste time to configure hundreds of Modbus commands in gateway setting. It can reply the SCADA request immediately by pre-read data without waiting slow serial device response. Using MB3660-8/16, Moxa gateway provides more than 10x faster performance compared to traditional round-robin polling mechanism.

  Dual Network Interfaces and Dual Power Modules for Redundancy  

Network redundancy is essential for today's industrial automation systems, since any unexpected data loss can result in financial loss, compliance failures, and damage to your competitive advantage. Moxa’s MGate MB36608/16 gateways feature a dual network interface to accomplish hardware-based redundancy, which allows the gateways to immediately switch to the backup IP address when the main IP gets disconnected. This functionality is a big plus for your engineers since it can be implemented without modifying SCADA settings. Two physical networks connect PLCs to the gateway, and if one network gets disconnected, the SCADA system can still communicate with the gateway through the backup network connection, reducing downtime and increasing the overall reliability of your system. The MGate MB36608/16 gateways also support dual power modules for connecting a backup power source to prevent complete loss of power in the field. Network and power redundancy are especially important for status monitoring applications, such as data center power monitoring, and oil & gas environmental monitoring, which require real-time status updates of the devices making up the system.