Industrial Fieldbus-to-Ethernet Gateway Solutions

Is It Good Enough?

Modbus is the most popular protocol in industrial automation due to the fact that it is openly published and easy-to-deploy. What’s more, Modbus is already widely used in many different applications, such as water treatment, power automation, and oil and gas, just to name a few. Gateway solutions that bring legacy devices to Ethernet are critical for optimizing production efficiency and minimizing operation costs. All you need to do is deploy the right gateway for your network. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. Actually, there are many hidden pitfalls that can easily set you back if you don’t choose the right gateway solution. Thankfully, Moxa offers a selection of pain-free, 10x faster gateways, and 2-in-1 gateways to help you make the most out Modbus.

Pain-Free Gateways
Need to connect different protocols but don’t want to spend unnecessary time on configuration and maintenance? What you need is a pain-free protocol conversion solution.
10x Faster Gateways
Need to connect many different devices without worrying about performance? What you need is a faster gateway that can not only handle up to 240 Modbus devices simultaneously, but also maintain better communication time.

2-in-1 Gateways
Need to go wireless to avoid inconvenient cable wiring runaway costs? What you need is a 2-in-1 gateway to connect Modbus to wireless in a cost-effective way.