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Enabling IIoT Connectivity to Pave the Way for Industrial Intelligence

Connecting all your industrial equipment allows you to unleash the potential of industrial intelligence. Moxa’s edge-to-cloud solutions simplify IIoT connectivity, thereby enabling you to gain real-time insights from machines, to prepare for any possible network interruption, and to achieve a high degree of business transformation.

What If IIoT Connectivity Were No Longer a Barrier?

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Manufacturing

White Paper: Enabling IIoT Connectivity for Virtual Power Plants

In the new power economy, virtual power plants (VPPs) are showing the way by making it possible to aggregate power from different distributed energy resources (DERs) and providing an efficient platform for energy trading. In this white paper, we discuss the challenges faced by VPP operators and how IIoT connectivity can help them overcome these challenges.


IIoT Case Studies

Include seven detailed customer case studies in smart manufacturing and smart energy:

  • Smarter shop floor with cloud-based monitoring
  • True material traceability to improve logistics in Industry 4.0
  • Using AIoT to boost SMB performance
  • Enabling mass customization within an interconnected factory
  • Achieving centralized asset management with simplified edge-to-cloud connectivity
  • Let There Be Light: changing rural livelihoods
  • Enabling a new service model for home solar energy systems