Key Considerations Before You Start

Designing your Industrial IoT project? Development boards, such as the Raspberry Pi, provide a good way to test your project ideas. However, if you want to transform your design into a real-world industrial solution, you must consider these key points when choosing a computing solution for your IIoT projects:

The Hardware Perspective

  • Is it a ready-to-deploy platform?
  • Does it have the necessary industrial certifications?
  • Is it built and tested to endure harsh environments?
  • How long is the product warranty?

The Software Perspective

  • What kind of service and support is included?
  • Are platform optimization services included?
  • Are utilities and code libraries available?
  • Is long-term support part of the package?

To learn more, download the white paper on choosing a good computing platform for your IIoT applications.

Why Choose Moxa’s IIoT Gateway Solution?

Proven Reliability for Industrial Applications

Extreme temperatures, high levels of electromagnetic interference, and constant vibrations are typical in an industrial environment. Moxa’s ready-to-deploy UC-8100 edge computers are designed for reliable, long-term industrial operation even in such environments because of features such as:

  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature models*
  • Certifications for UL and FCC
  • Conformance with industrial-grade EMC/EMI/EMS tests
  • 5-year warranty

*Available by request

Remote-Communication-Ready Solution

Moxa's lloT gateway solution comes with built-in remote communication capabilities to facilitate easy transfer of data from your field devices to the cloud. Features include:

  • Two Ethernet ports and two RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • 4G-ready and certified by major carriers such as Verizon and AT&T*
  • Ethernet-to-cellular routing functionality built in
  • Ready-to-use VPN

* Wireless modules not included with the product

Data Acquisition Made Easy

To simplify your data-acquisition tasks, Moxa’s IIoT gateway solution comes with ready-to-run data-acquisition software, ThingsPro Suite, which:

  • Supports generic Modbus and MQTT protocols
  • Facilitates tag-based data acquisition with virtual-tag support
  • Provides RESTful/C/Python APIs for easy development
  • Comes with a built-in client for the AWS IoT Cloud

Bringing Your IIoT Ideas to Life with an Industrial-Grade Solution

IIoT Gateway Starter Kit

Moxa’s IIoT Gateway Starter Kit is a proven industrial-grade computing solution, and has all the elements essential to developing your IIoT gateway applications. Packed with Moxa’s UC-8100 edge computer and ThingsPro Gateway data-acquisition software, this ready-to-deploy kit is the perfect choice to bring your IIoT-application ideas to life.

What's in the box?

  • UC-8112-LX edge computer(1 GHz ARM processor, 512 MB RAM, 2 LAN ports, and 2 serial ports)
  • ThingsPro Gateway software (preinstalled)
  • Power cord and adapter
  • Serial console cable