Maximize Network Uptime for Reliable
Data Transmission

In order to make your industrial application ready for the IIoT, the first step that needs to be taken is to enhance the reliability of your network. For example, in order to improve productivity or implement mass customization in a smart factory, the decision maker must find an effective way to ensure uninterrupted data transmission. For all IIoT applications, a highly reliable network is the foundation on which success can be built. One of the most effective ways to deploy a reliable network is to utilize redundancy technologies. Read on to learn more about how one of our customers was able to build a reliable network by utilizing our advanced redundancy technologies.

Optimized Networks For a Smart Factory

One of the largest home appliance manufacturers in China implemented the IIoT concept in a smart factory. Implementing this concept was a win-win situation as it was financially beneficial to the factory and their customers were happy with their enhanced solution. The factory was able to provide a mass customization service to their customer, optimize production, and deliver the products quicker. In order to achieve all of this optimization, a highly reliable network infrastructure was essential, which is why the factory decided to use Moxa's redundancy technologies and easy-to-use management tool. Click the button below to discover how Moxa assisted the manufacturer achieve their goal.

Reliable Data Transmission

Reliable Data Transmission

Ensure data completeness

Eliminate System Downtime

Eliminate System Downtime

Keep the production line functioning

Easy Management

Easy-to-Use Management Tool

Automatic error detection and alerts to facilitate quick responses

Select the Right Redundancy Technology for Your Industrial Application

In order to avoid system downtime, industrial applications can only tolerate interruptions to the system for a short period of time, which is known as the grace time. Based on the IEC 62439 industrial communication network standard, network recovery times must be shorter than the grace time, as applications need to perform additional tasks before they can start functioning normally again. For industrial networks that host mission-critical applications, such as power plants, networks must be able to recover within 20 ms. To learn more, choose the answer to the question below that matches the recovery times that are required by your industrial application.

What Is an Acceptable Recovery Time for Your Industrial Application?