Connect Different Protocols —
Make older equipment more functional and simplify networking activities

Operations in industrial applications are kept running using different devices, with each device employing its own protocol. More and more operators are taking advantage of industrial protocol gateways to accomplish protocol conversions to keep operations running smoothly. More important, they can keep using their legacy devices to minimize cost.

But if you find yourself spending too much time on configuration and maintenance, then there is good news: Moxa’s protocol gateways offer easier configuration, easier maintenance with built-in monitoring and diagnostics, and reliable performance for uninterrupted operations.

Installation and setup do require planning. A fill-in-the-blanks approach has been devised to eliminate these prerequisites that frustrate programmers, IT technicians, or engineers.

At Moxa, we spent a lot of time making sure our protocol gateways are easy to set up and use. Our customers therefore don’t have to be an engineer who knows all the intricacies of all the protocols, which can be very detailed. We have made it very straightforward so that someone with a basic skill set can put it together.

System integration has no template to follow because of the variety of field devices. Whoever can provide flexibility wins the appreciation.

With more than 30 years serial-to-Ethernet experience, Moxa protocol gateways have always been developed from real needs. Most engineers have experienced difficulties to connect Modbus devices (especially legacy ones) because of their software or hardware or environment limitations. In the light of these issues, Moxa has developed tailored features to overcome these challenges.

Unpredictable adverse events will increase the cost of manufacturing operations. Whatever it is, it’s typically hard to pinpoint.

Moxa protocol gateways provide easy-to-use management tools such as communication analysis, protocol diagnose, and traffic monitoring for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. Administrators can take advantage of these monitoring tools to decrease the downtime and excessive resources to investigate the root cause of failures.