10x Faster

Boosting speeds from 480 Mbps to 5 Gbps, we offer complete USB 3.2 solutions for USB-to-serial converters and USB hubs.

Worry-free USB Connections

To give you a worry-free user experience, we designed a latching cable and connector that provide you more secure connections.

More Powerful

The UPort G2 hubs offer you 0.9A power for all ports and 1.5A for port 1 (which supports BC1.2), providing flexible USB expansions without the need for extra adapters.

The World’s First Industrial USB-IF Certified USB Hubs

Backed by USB-IF certification, our second-generation USB hubs offer seamless compatibility and connections among a wide range of devices.

Selection Table for Converters

Number of Serial Port
USB Standard
Cable Latch & Screw
Isolation/Wide Temp.
2 4 8
RS-232/422/485 RS-232/422/485 RS-232/422/485
USB 3.2 Gen 1
- - Cascade via UPort 1650-8-G2-Hub

Selection Table for Hubs

Number of USB Port
USB Standard
BC1.2 Supported
Cable Latch & Screw
Wide Temp.
USB-IF Certified