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Toward a Smarter Grid
Power substations transport electricity from power plants to homes, businesses, and factories, and are a critical component of the smart grid. The modernization of legacy Transmission and Distribution (T&D) systems to provide reliable T&D information for electric power management is a key goal for today’s smart grid applications.
Enabling High Network Reliability and Availability in Demanding Substation Environments
Substations are extremely demanding environments, and substation LANs place heavy demands on the physical and functional reliability of all of the hardware used in the system. Moxa offers complete networking and computing solutions for the substation environment to deliver high network availability, reliability, and uptime.
  IEC 61850-3, and IEEE 1613 Class 2 compliant (KEMA tested)
  Wide operating temperature range (fanless)
  Better Integration with legacy protocols
  Zero-packet-loss Ethernet switches
  Isolated redundant power inputs
  Fast ring recovery time (< 20 ms) with a full load of 250 Ethernet switches
IEC 61850-based Substation Automation System
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  Core Competence
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