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  • A Smooth Wi-Fi Experience
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Moxa Core Railway-Specific Technologies

  • Smart rail solutions dynamic ring coupling (DRC)
  • Smart rail solutions turbo roaming
  • Smart rail solutions auto carriage connection
  • Smart rail solutions Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework-MIRF

Successful Railway Automation and Communication Deployments All Over the World

Moxa has provided key communications, data control, and computing infrastructure for dozens of successful major railway automation projects around the world.

  • Deploying Advanced IP Cameras in the Challenging Light Conditions of Rolling Stock Environments

    Whenever a person or surveillance system is trying to capture clear photographs or smooth video, light plays a very important role. Most people have taken a video and seen that the resulting footage is over or under exposed because the camera is unable to adapt to the challenging light environment. Trains are noted for being a particularly difficult environment to film in and several unique challenges arise and must be overcome in order to achieve consistently smooth video footage. For example, a fast-moving train will often experience severe light fluctuations when traveling through tunnels, open air and shade, or when another train passes by. These challenges are not limited to what is happening outside of the train, but also include onboard challenges such as the lights being switched on and off, and doors opening and closing. In order to ensure clear imagery on trains, a tailor made solution is required.


  • Implementing Passenger Wi-Fi Networks: Five Key Considerations

    Connecting hundreds of passengers to the Internet at the same time is a daunting task, far harder than operating a simple home or office Wi-Fi network. This whitepaper discusses the challenges of on-board Wi-Fi networks and the top five considerations for selecting products to serve a high-density Wi-Fi environment.

    Integrated Information and Control System for Taiwan Freeway