The Industry's Most Complete Portfolio of Onboard CCTV Solutions

Modern onboard CCTV video surveillance systems rely mainly on IP-based technologies to provide direct access to the information necessary for supervising and adjusting rail operations during transit. These systems support live viewing and data recording both on the train itself and remotely at Operations Control Centers (OCCs). To make this possible, robust network infrastructure for onboard and train-to-ground communications is essential. To help system integrators build these systems in less time and reduce operational maintenance efforts, Moxa offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of onboard CCTV systems. Our selection covers all elements ranging from diverse IP cameras and versatile computers, to high-speed wired and wireless networking solutions. With Moxa, customers can enjoy the benefits of having a single source vendor, meaning fewer product compliance issues and access to immediate technical support if anything goes wrong.

Resilient Equipment Design

As onboard train systems operate in tough conditions over long stretches of time, they must be sufficiently resilient and rugged to endure high humidity, fluctuating temperatures, constant vibration, while also being able to fit in confined spaces with wiring restrictions. That’s why all Moxa onboard products are specifically designed to strictly adhere to the rigorous EN 50155 standard, ensuring stable operation in harsh environments and on trains moving at high speed.

Essential Trends for Onboard CCTV Infrastructure

  • Integrate multiple onboard systems onto one IP train network
  • Gigabit and PoE connectivity
  • Real-time video streaming to the control center
  • Optimize network and video performance
  • More services with less equipment in confined onboard spaces

Onboard CCTV/PIS Reference Architecture

Moxa Delivers Complete Solutions

Moxa provides all onboard video surveillance elements you need. Our IP cameras are available in various form factors with multiple mounting options for installation in different environments. Computing platforms include NVR computers for onboard video recording, panel computers for live stream display in the driver cab, and Multi-WWAN computers for train-to-ground communications. Video streaming is a major component of IP surveillance systems. Moxa offers a comprehensive range of network devices, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 onboard switches, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular products to help customers build a high-speed network architecture for live streaming and recording high-definition video.

  • Versatile Onboard IP Cameras

    • Mounting

      Ceiling, panel, flush, or vertical mounting

    • Lenses

      Optional fixed focal length lenses (2.8, 3.6, 4.2, 6, 8 mm) for different viewing angles and distances

    • Form Factors

      Metal or plastic housing with vandal, rain, dust protection

  • Ruggedized Computing Platform

    • Multi-purpose NVRs

      Driver car NVR, passenger car NVR, or gateway applications

    • Rugged Fanless Panel Computers
    • Multi-WWAN Computers
  • Complete Networking Solutions

    • Onboard L2/L3 Networks
    • Train-to-ground Wireless Networks
    • Wayside Networks

EN 50155 IP Cameras for Any Situation

Nowadays, more and more onboard cameras are being deployed to monitor critical areas across the train. In addition, onboard CCTV systems face a unique set of challenges, such as limited installation space, extreme shock and vibration, and varying lighting conditions. As the world’s number one supplier of onboard cameras, Moxa delivers IP video technology, capable of achieving greater video coverage, excellent HD image quality, and optimal bandwidth and storage usage.

    Solution Highlights
  • Wide choice of cameras and lens types for various onboard scenarios
  • Advanced imaging technologies for a crystal-clear image in any lighting condition
  • PoE-powered to reduce cabling
  • Compliant with the EN 50155 OT4 temperature criteria (-40 to 70°C)
  • Vibration, humidity, dust, and vandal-resistant design

Find the Exact Fit for Different Applications

Whatever you are looking for, you will find a Moxa IP camera that suits your needs. Front and rear-facing cameras provide the driver with real-time vision of the track and trackside, consist cameras monitor the passenger carriage interior, and driver cab cameras capture the driver’s actions instantly. Hidden type HD cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on train entrances. Moxa also offers customized hardware and form factors to meet special installation requirements.

Instant Adjustment to Variable Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions onboard the train vary wildly as it moves across the landscape, such as when entering and exiting tunnels at high speed. Instantaneous adjustment to rapid lighting changes is crucial to providing consistent, clear image quality. Moxa’s IP cameras are capable of capturing crisp, full-motion video in HD and 1080P, and support advanced imaging technologies such as WDR, DNR, and BLC for optimal image quality in any environment. Our large selection of lens types for different viewing angles and ranges ensure the right field of view in any situation.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Good WDR performance
Strong light inhibition
Clear color image in low-lux areas
Quickly adapts to sudden lighting changes

Optimize Network and CCTV Performance

Video streaming is an integral part of any IP surveillance system that affects both network and video performance. Moxa’s IP cameras use custom IP video technologies, such as CBR Pro™ and DynaStream™ to optimize bandwidth and storage use while maintaining consistent video performance.

Compliant With the Stringent EN 50155 Standard

Moxa’s onboard computers are purpose-built for transmitting video streams and data from the NVRs to the OCC via wireless networks for real-time monitoring. Our NVR computers enable uninterrupted concurrent video recording from multiple streams. As installation space in the driver cab is very limited, our fanless, compact panel computers can serve as a common display for both PIS and CCTV. Moxa’s Multi-WWAN computers support both cellular and Wi-Fi connection options for streaming live CCTV data to the control center. All Moxa onboard computers are fully compliant with the EN 50155 anti-shock and anti-vibration criteria to ensure reliable operation when the train is on the move.

    Solution Highlights
  • NVR computers feature a hot-swappable HD module for easy maintenance and minimal system downtime
  • Panel computers meet the 70°C heat tolerance demanded by EN 50155 OT4
  • Fanless panel computers with a multi-touch LCD screen that is readable under direct sunlight

Live Viewing and Recording on the Train and at the Remote OCC

Evolving Demands for Ethernet Trains

As trains become more complex, the number of onboard systems and devices such as CCTV, PIS, and other passenger-oriented systems increases. To operate efficiently, all these intelligent onboard devices need to be integrated onto a single Ethernet network. CCTV systems in particular process several high-definition video streams and connect to multiple bandwidth-intensive end devices, such as NVRs and wireless access points. This requires a robust network backbone that supports high data transfer rates. In addition, the demand for PoE capability to supply onboard devices like IP cameras is surging. Moxa’s lineup of wired and wireless networking solutions for high-speed onboard and train-to-ground communications is designed to meet these growing trends.

    Solution Highlights
  • Merge multiple subsystems onto a single integrated network
  • High bandwidth (FE/GE/10G/802.11n) for multiple concurrent video streams
  • PoE capability to save on cabling efforts and costs
  • Flexible and easy network reconfiguration for operational efficiency

Versatile Onboard Ethernet Networks

While every onboard subsystem performs its own set of tasks, it needs to be interconnected with other systems through the backbone network. A reliable Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB) network, which connects the Ethernet Consist Networks (ECN), is critical for integrating onboard systems. Usually, the onboard CCTV system is built on the ECN so that live video can be streamed to the driver cab and recorded via the IP network. This data then transfers to the remote OCC via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Moxa’s full range of onboard switches provides a solid foundation for building a reliable and intelligent Ethernet train network.

Simplify Installation and Maintenance With Flexible Networks

Moxa’s onboard switch solutions simplify network design, installation, and maintenance. Train consists are frequently reconfigured mid-journey. In a standard redundancy design, the ring coupling has to be reconfigured every time a new consist is coupled to the train. Moxa’s Dynamic Ring Coupling™ (DRC) technology enables inter-consist Ethernet redundancy without disrupting intra-consist networks during reorientation. As a result, all the Ethernet-based services such as CCTV, Wi-Fi access, and PIS continue to operate seamlessly even when coupling switches are rearranged mid-journey. For retrofitted trains, Moxa’s Auto Carriage Connection (ACC) technology creates wireless inter-car links and reduces cabling and wiring complexity on the train. Furthermore, Moxa’s switches support Auto Configuration which configures IP settings for all network devices automatically, saving significant effort, especially for mass device deployments.

Flexible and Intelligent Network Reconfigurations


An intelligent inter-consist Ethernet redundancy technology that uses
auto-configuration when consists
are re-arranged.


Automatically create wireless links between train cars to adapt to dynamic train
re-composition during operation.

Auto Configuration

    Assign IP addresses to all network devices automatically to simplify installation and maintenance.

Flexible Train-to-ground Communications

Cellular and Wi-Fi networks are becoming the preferred train-to-ground communication method. Rail operators may consider adopting LTE and Wi-Fi hybrid solutions for handling T2G communication in different scenarios. When on the move, the train uses cellular connections for seamlessly switching between regional carrier services to ensure uninterrupted video streams. When the train enters the station or returns to the depot, it offloads all recorded data over Wi-Fi, saving on carrier service charges. Moxa provides Wi-Fi and cellular options to cover any type of scenario.

Your Reliable Solutions Partner of Today and Tomorrow

Establishing real-time video surveillance onboard trains is one of the most challenging tasks of railway applications. With over decades of industry experience and a rock-solid record all over the world, Moxa’s extensive product portfolio covers every component for building complete onboard CCTV systems. Our experts actively contribute in IEC working groups to help formulate industry-wide onboard standards. Our broad portfolio combined with domain expertise and industry involvement make Moxa the best solutions partner to help you overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.