Wind Power Renewable Energy


Recommended Products

Wind Tower Monitoring and Control

  • NPort S8000

    NPort S8000
    RISC-based embedded computer with 2 serial ports, 4 DIOs, 2 AIs, and 2 thermocouples

  • V2101 Series
    Data Acquisition Computing

    V2101 Series
    RISC-based GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless embedded computer

  • VPort 461
    Video Surveillance

    VPort 461
    1-ch H.264/MJPEG industrial video encode

  • ioLogik E1242
    Remote Ethernet I/O

    ioLogik E1242
    Daisy-chain remote Ethernet I/O with 4 AIs, 4 DIs, and 4 DIOs

Wind Farm Infrastructure

  • EDS 408A
    Industrial Ethernet Switches

    EDS 408A
    8-port managed switch with 3 fiber connections

  • IKS-6726

    24+2G-port rackmount Ethernet switch

  • DA-681
    Communication Processor

    x86-based rackmount embedded computer

  • MXview
    Network Management

    Industrial network managerment software



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