Minimal Size, Maximum Durability

As industries keep evolving to become more resilient, network infrastructure also grows in complexity. In this ever-changing networking environment, it’s essential that network devices stay reliable, including industrial unmanaged switches.

The EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series is designed to help extend your system network lifecycle by combining plug-and-play functionality with install-and-forget durability. Its extra-small footprint is perfect for space-constrained environments, such as in control cabinets or onboard machines. These unmanaged switches include Fast Ethernet and Gigabit options to meet different network requirements.

The EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series is the tiny device that can make a big difference on your networking journey while saving you time and effort.

Why the EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series

Extra-small Footprint for Easy Deployment

Industrial automation is becoming increasingly complex. Space efficiency is crucial when choosing devices to install inside the already-crowded machines or cabinets. Smaller than a credit card at only 81 mm tall, the EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series industrial unmanaged switches’ compact size simplifies machine installation and offers future flexibility.

Plug-and-forget Durability

Even a simple industrial unmanaged switch is expected to provide maximum reliability, as any sudden downtime can quickly become a costly affair for businesses.

The EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series features high-level EMI/EMC resistance and a wide temperature design to withstand the harshest operating environments. Having passed a 100% burn-in test, these switches ensure uninterrupted, stable operations long after deployment.

Reliable Network Performance

The EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series offers Fast Ethernet and Gigabit options combined with a compact form factor to meet the requirements of different network applications. The full Gigabit speed capability provides maximum performance in data-intensive situations. Unlike traditional unmanaged switches, these devices also support Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize critical data transmissions for high-efficiency operations.

Plug-and-play Simplicity

The EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series is designed to easily help expand industrial networks with plug-and-play connectivity. By simply flipping a DIP switch, users can enable or disable Quality of Service (QoS) and Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) with no additional configuration. Meanwhile, the status LEDs on the front panel let engineers diagnose the connections at a glance. Streamline your industrial networks through simplified connectivity with the EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series.

Where to Use

  • Small form factor for easy integration into machines

    Compact machine

    Easy integration into machines

  • Tiny size suitable for small cabinet deployment

    Control Panels

    Suitable for compact electronic control panels

  • A wide operating temperature range

    Harsh environments

    -40 to 75°C operating temperature range available

Achieve Reliable Network Connectivity for Diverse Applications

Whether deployed in harsh environments such as in frozen food factories, on moving AGVs, or in production equipment and machine control cabinets that demand high speed and efficiency, the EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series offers a cost-effective means to achieve robust, reliable network connectivity for any industrial application.

EDS-2005/2008-EL(P) Extra-small Industrial Unmanaged Switches

EDS-2000/G2000-EL/ELP Series

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

  • 5 or 8 Ethernet port options
  • SC/ST fiber models are available for the EDS-2008-EL Series
  • Full Gigabit ports for the EDS-G2000-EL/ELP Series
  • Supports 12/24/48 VDC input
  • Microsecond-level latency
  • High EMC resistance
  • QoS and BSP* DIP switch configuration

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* Quality of Service (QoS) and Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) can be configured via DIP switches.